FiiO X5III: The 3rd Generation Portable Audio Player

  FiiO X5III: The 3rd Generation Portable Audio Player

 Today’s topic is closely related to portable High Resolution Music Players – more specifically, Top-Sound Reconstruction & Supporting Lossless & Hi-RES DSD Music Playback.

PIC. 1  FiiO X5III: The 3rd Generation DAP

3rd Generation FiiO X5III – Key Features: 

  • The Ultimate Make Quality, 
  • The Immersive Sound Reconstruction,
  • Dual High-END Next Generation 32-bit DACs AK4490EN By AKM,
  • 4-inches Touch-Sensitive Display, 
  • DSD Support, 
  • Built-In 32GB Storage Memory,
  • Up to 512GB of expanded microSD storage,
    • Dual Slots:
    • Capacity per Slot: max 256GB,
    • Expanding microSD Card/s must be purchased separately, 
  • Maximum Allowable Capacity:
    • 544GB Flash Memory Storage or over 130,000 music songs.
  • Different operating modes:
    • Pure Music Mode,
    • Android Mode.
  • Battery:
    • Type: Rechargeable,
    • Capacity: 3400mAh,
    • Voltage: 3.7V,
    • Quick Charge: Supported, 
    • On the Screen Battery Temperature State Indication,
  • Playback Duration per single charge:
    • Up to 10 hours,
  • Wireless Connectivity:
    • Bluetooth V4.0,
    • Wi-Fi – Single Band 2.4GHz,
    • DLNA Compatible, 
  • Headphones Impedance Range:
    • 16 Ω to 150 Ω,
  • DAP is available in three color variants:
    • Red, Black and Titanium.

Beta Testing:
  The Team of FiiO is organizing many campaigns for testing a final functionality of their devices. Eventually, they are adjusting and tuning their audio design according to an Object of Human-Ears Sound Characteristics
Two Operation Modes:
  When is using the “Pure Music” mode, the multitasking is disabled, and the system executes only a multimedia player thread.
  This guarantees more fluent and interruptable work and more crystal-clear sound.
  When the system is in “Android” mode, the final user can run or install a random application.
Streaming Services:
   The FiiO X5III Device supports online Streaming Services via WiFi Connectivity. 
  You could playback and listening to your favorite online stream services simply using the Single Band 2.4GHz WiFi connection.
Memory Mass Storage:
  The FiiO X5III DAP Device has three Memory Storage options.
  •   First, it is an integrated 32GB Memory,  
  •   Second & Third Options are Two Slots for a microSD card insertion, each one supports up to 256GB storage capacity.





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