2x20Watt Amp click By MikroElektronika

  2x20Watt Amp click BY MikroElektronika

  Today we will focus at a new Click PCB Board By MikroElektronika

  The Well Known Manufacturer has always been naming their products clean and simple, related to the module’s functionality.

  Now, let we will present you the Newest member of a large Mikroelektronika’s “click” family, launched these days. 

  Under the Name: 2x20Watt Amp click BY MikroElektronika

  Device ID: MIKROE-2779

  The Click Board is based on the D-Class Power Audio Amplifier from MAXIM Integrated Products, Inc. – MAX9744

  More detailed info, also full technical specifications you can see at official site link below:

  MaximIntegrated.Com Datasheet-link: MAX9744

  Let’s see the main benefits of today’s describing Audio Amplifying device.

PIC. 1  2x20W Amp click PCB: Top-Side View

PIC.2  2x20W Amp click PCB: Bottom-Side View



VIDEO 1. Demonstration the described Audio Amplifier PCB: 2x20W Amp Click on Easy AVR V7 Demo Board

2×20 Watt Amp click – Key Features:

  • Dual Channel Digital Audio Amplifier D-Class,
  • Rated Power 2 x 20 Watt, 
  • System Uses one MAX9744DS – Maxim Integrations Stereo D-Class Power Amplifier,
    • Package: 44-Pin Thin QFN-EP Package / 7mm x 7mm x 0.8mm, 
  • High Efficiency: Up to 93%, 
  • Low Level of Harmonic Distortions: 
    • THD+N < 0.04%, 
  • Super LOW-Power Consumption in a Shut-Down Mode, 
  • Volume can be adjusted in 64 steps using I2C Bus or analog via Voltage. 
  • Two Pins for I2C or Analog Mode Selection:
  • SDA/VOL is analog Input to volume adjusting, when is an Analog Mode – Selected,
    • ANALOG-MODE Choosing: ADDR(1) and ADDR(2) are connected to Ground / GND Pin,
  • In I2C Mode simple use the speaker volume control register in the command byte – Zero is equal to Mute, 
  • Power: 3.3V, 5V, 
    • Power Amplifier Part Can Be Powered from 4.5V to 14V By External Power Source via 5V Power Source Pin/ set JP1 in EXT Position – see PIC. 3
  • The Powerful Audio outputs have a short-circuit protection:
    •  When The Iout Reaches 5.5 A, The system shut-down the output and re-enable in 1/4 ms sequence until the output’s overload is existing,
  • Thermal-overload protection:
    • Over + 165°C, approximately,  
  • Connectors:
    • The 2x20Watt Amp Click PCB’s has a mikroBUS Compatible Footprint,
    • Audio input:
      • 1 x 3.5mm Stereo Jack, 
    • Audio Output: 
      • 4 pins: 2 x 2pin for each L & R External Speakers.


PIC. 3  Connectors, Jumper JP1  and  Power Amplifier IC  Possitions – Common View


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