SoundSport Free: The Comfortable In-ear Headphones By BOSE

  SoundSport Free: The Comfortable In-ear Headphones By BOSE

  Today we will present you the newest Practical In-ear headphones By BOSE: SoundSport Free

  The Manufacturer – Bose said: “OUR FIRST TRULY WIRELESS IN-EAR HEADPHONES” …

  They have done the development job in one, as could say, a fantastic way.

Fact: The Microscopic or Small In-ear Active Wireless Headphones are more silent or low-effective in a very noisy environment with small battery lifespan for a single charge.

The Decision: A little bit larger device with better battery capacity and audio dynamic characteristics.

  The common problem with a Large in-ears headphones is the “Comfort”.

  Large acoustic systems exhausting the human’s ear-drain and he or she after the continuous headphones wearing are feeling a painful discomfort.

  The Main difference between the cheaper low-quality headphones and reasonably expensive, but comfortable one is more than the obvious.

  Namely, a Paid attention to the details, using the modern, High-technological, non-allergenic and friendly to a human body and skin materials as top-grade, neutral silicones.

  Now, let’s see the wearable device main benefits.


PIC. 1 BOSE SoundSport Free – Carrying & Charging Powerbank Enclosure

BOSE SoundSport Free – Key Features:

  • Truly Wireless and an Esthetic wearable design, 
  • Exceptional wearing comfort, 
  • Maden by approved and friendly to human’s skin materials,
  • StayHear+: Revolutionary in a comfort sports tip,
  • Wireless Connectivity:  Bluetooth,
  • LED Indicators on each one headphone for BT Connection’s state.
  • Assimetric Button and mirror StayHear+ Sport tips design for easily left and right recognition, 
  • Optimized Bluetooth antenna design for a reliable RF interconnection,
  • Rechargeable Battery “on a Board”,
  • Up to 2 hours of battery charging,
  • Minimum 5 Hours of continuous playback, at the maximum volume level, for one full battery charge,
  • Nice Carrying Case with an Integrated Power Bank and Charging function,
  • The Carrying Case can charge the headphone’s pair to its full states for two times. 
  • 3 sizes of StayHear+ Sports tip ( included ),
  • Software: Bose Connect application,

Bose Connect application:

  BOSE Connect Application gives the possibility to find your headphones if they mysteriously have been misplaced.

  Of course, they need to be in a Bluetooth range and with charged batteries.

Water Proof:

 BOSE SoundSport Free headphones are IPx4 Certified.

PIC. 2  BOSE SoundSport FREE Headphones – Control Buttons, StayHear+ Sport tips, and different Color Options are displayed.

For Balance  you can see iBasso Audio IT01 – Competitor’s Variant:

Don’t Let The Noise Interfere With You, Dear Active Lifestyle Young People!




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