Three BackBeat Headsets – Model 2017 By Plantronics

 Three BackBeat Headsets – Model 2017 By Plantronics

  After we were planning a today topic, we ask our little friend, CPU Monkey to choose from a variety of headsets, available on the World’s Headphone market for a Long lasting, comfortable wireless over-the-ear headset with active noise canceling option and backup mode. 

 CPU Monkeys find was not only one, but whole three beautiful devices.

 Now, we will point your sight to a couple of wonderful Headsets By Plantronics.

 Two of them have a professional application, the third one can be used until lasts your fitness or other sport daily activities.  

  • BACKBEAT FIT 500 Series, 

 Let’s say a few words for their main benefits:

 It could be said all listed headsets are successors оf well accepted 2014′ year model: BACKBEAT PRO.

BACKBEAT PRO 2 – Key Features:

  • Wireless Design,
  • ANC – Active Noise Canceling,
  • Available in Black – Tan Color & Graphite Grey

BACKBEAT PRO 2 SE – Key Features:

  • Wireless Design,
  • ANC – Active Noise Cancelling,
  • Wirelessly Covered Distance is up to 100m when is paired to Bluetooth Class 1 equipped mobile device,
  • Support a Multipoint Connection: Double Slave Devices Pairing 2H2S


 Touch the Plantronics’ Masterpieces!

 Rich Sound in a variety of colors.

 Reach the premium listening experience with 40mm Drivers system by Plantronics.

 Every day! Anywhere! 


BACKBEAT FIT 500 – Key Features:

  • Wireless and Advanced Acoustic Design,
  • Up to 18 Hours autonomy of continuous playback for a single charge
  • Wired Backup playback through 3.5 mm audio jack,
  • Military Grade Nano Level Coating for ultimate proofing from Dust, Water drops, and Sweat,
  • ON the Headphones Control,


Don’t be afraid To Sink Into The Music, Dear Audiophiles, And Music Lovers!