SoundWear: The Companion Speaker BY BOSE

SoundWear Companion Speaker BY BOSE

BOSE: The Triumph of innovations. 

  As а respectful of New invention and technology Let’s continue with All-new Companion Speaker from the famous firm.

  More Specifically, a today’s topic is related to a newly developed wearing “Cоllar-phones” Companion Speaker By BOSE.

  Get the better sound ever, with the newest an amazing noise canceling … “cоllar”! 

  Let’s Introduce the All-new SoundWear Companion Speaker BY BOSE

PIC. 1  SoundWear Companion Speaker BY BOSE

Companion Speaker – Key Features:

  • Main Benefit – Non-Contact Ear Experience – using special collar design,
  • Sound (To Ears) Projection type:
    • Upward Facing Sound Direction of Full Range Speakers,
  • Acoustically transparent covering fabric,
  • No more Wire,
  • Ears Free Design,
  • Rechargeable Battery Lifespan:
    • up to 12 Hours,
  • Quick Charge support,
  • 1 hour to Full Battery Charging, 
  • Realistic Full 3D Surround system,
  • Very Comfortable, Adjustable Design,
  • Lightweight, High-Quality plastic body,
  • Siri – So Easy To ask the Internet Service,
  • 3-Button interface, 
  • Advanced, High-Quality Microphone,
  • Hands-Free calls,
  • Bluetooth, 
  • Vibration option: A silent way of a sound system to notify the user of an incoming call.

No more tiring Earbuds, No more annoying wires.

  Even in a move, with this Ears Free Design, you will feel the freedom of listening to music, just like your home entertainment theatre.


  Precisely developed with the user in a mind for each one detail.

  The gentle fabric is antiallergic and soft, so, it doesn’t irritate the fragile neck skin.

  The Companion Speaker Sound System is also Sweat and Weather Proof.

Long Lasting Battery:

  The battery capacity is enough for an all day long lasting music listening experience.

Color Variants:

  Acoustic transparent Covering Fabrics are available in few colors, Black, Grey, Blue, Brown, each one with a different texture.

Never stop trying the new innovative technologies, Dear Audio Enthusiasts!



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