Fluke 101: The Basic Digital Pocket Multimeter

  Fluke 101: The Basic Digital Pocket Multimeter

  When We asked our little Friend CPU Monkey, to check the Industry Level Compact and Quality Multimeter, her find was non-surprisingly Pointed into the FLUKE List of meters. The Compact Basic Tool, (not by accident) was named: FLUKE 101. 

  Sometimes People just started things from the beginning. If You want to make you deal with an Electronics, it isn’t necessary to have a special technical education or graduate. But, The Electronics knowledge and its learning is a Process, which costs some time. 

  You may need to spend some time. It is necessary to be learned few basic laws. The process of learning needs some external support. The basic measuring equipment. One Real choice is the CPU Monkey’s find – FLUKE 101.

  Let we both get to know the Fluke 101 Key Benefits.

FLUKE Model: 101 – Key Features:

  • Ideal Compact – pocket-sized Digital Multimeter,
  • Comfort Grip,
  • Very Fast Measurement,
  • Automatic Range,
  • Auto Power Off,
  • Measure Basic Electrician parameters:
    • DC – Voltage Measurement,
    • DC – PN or Diode Junction Voltage Drop Measurement, 
    • AC Voltage Measurement (6V, 60V, 600V),
    • AC – Frequency Measurement (10Hz-100KHz),
    • Capacitance Measurement 0 – 50.00 nF – 1000μF,
    • Resistance Measurement 0 – 400.0Ω – 40MΩ
  • 4 Digit Resolution, 
  • Supports IEC61010-1 CATIII 600V safety requirements criteria,  
  • The System doesn’t support Current Measurement! For Safety Reasons.
  • Weight: 160g.

  Why doesn’t The System support Current Measurement? 

  More Than Obviously: For Safety Reasons!

  The Meter Is using only two Banana Jacks for connecting the Measurement wires into the bottom device’s side, following the Manufacturer’s Line of Compactness.

  The Basic schematics for Measurement, Except the current measure, are using the parallel schematic connection.

  It means the Measuring beginners are protected from the possibility to do mistakes from parallel to serial connecting, while it lasts their basic skills training into the electronics.  

  If You Want to measure the Current, You can Easily imagine and transform the Voltage drop over the External Current Shunt Resistor into the Ampers. 

VIDEO. 1  EC # 01 Fluke 101 Digital Multimeter Teardown/Quick Review


When, Into The Your Pocket Couldn’t Found Any Cigarettes, But There Is A Reliable Compact Multimeter, It Means, The World Already Is A Step Better!

{Source: FLUKE}



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