MHC-V90D/W: Fulfill your party with a color fiery By SONY

  MHC-V90D/W: Fulfill your party with a color fiery By SONY

  The users whose have a Modern TV from well known The Netherlands manufacturer – Philips, are getting used to their magic Ambilight. 

  And, what kind of a party is, without many light illuminations and effects. 

  The Sony developers and specialists have thought one very smart thing – to accommodate a good idea of patent protected Philips TV Ambilight to the full-color backlight projecting Party Speaker.

  For Music and Karaoke entertainment lovers, there is a good news from SONY – The Newest Monster Party Gesture Controlled Portable Speaker –  SONY MHC-V90D/W

  Let’s see the main benefits of this Iconic Party Mountain of Top-Grade Hardware, driving 10 speakers in a precisely matched and calibrated acoustic’s volume.

PIC. 1 MHC-V90D/W in a whole its shining. Let the Party Begin

MHCV90D/W – Key Features:

  • 10 Perfectly Matched Speakers:
    • 4 Tweeters,
    • 4 full-range Speakers,
    • 2 Woofers,
  • Color Fiery in a synchrony with the music beat
  • Wireless Connection:
    • Bluetooth, NFC
  • Wired Connection:
    • E.g. TV via the HDMI connection.
  • DJ effects,
  • 2 x Microphone inputs,
  • Guitar input – Users can use an MHC-V90DW as a guitar amplifier with speaker, 
  • CD,
  • DVD,
  • FM Radio,
  • USB (REC & Play),
  • Audio INPUT –  x 1 (RCA),
  • Audio OUTPUT – x 1 (RCA),

Don’t Stop to Reinvent the Party Shining, Dear Karaoke Enthusiasts!



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