VPL-VW285ES: TRUE 4K HDR Projector By SONY

  VPL-VW285ES: TRUE 4K HDR Projector By SONY

  Today, we will introduce just announced at CEDIA 2017 Entry Level Home Theatre True 4k HDR Projector By SONY   

  If You Want to insert new 4K Technology in your Home Theatre array, with an amazing Perfectly detailed UHD Picture to Up to 200 Inches of Screen diagonal – and everything at a reasonable Price less than 5K US Dollars, there is a decision right to you. You could simply get the newest “Entry Level” Professional Quality Home Theatre.

  Question: How to find not so expensive 4K HDR Projector with a professional quality for best Home Theatre, and, of course, at a reasonable price?

  The Answer comes from SONY: VPL-VW285ES – The Newest Entry Level TRUE 4K HDR Projector By SONY.

PIC. 1 Projector VPLVW285ES 

TRUE 4K HDR Projector VPL-VW285ES – Key Features: 

  • True Ultra High Definition Design,
  • 4K Resolution with 60FPS / 60p,
  • HDR – High Dynamic Range,
  • Up to 200 inches of Screen Diagonal, 
  • High Frame Rate Gaming and Movies Support,
  • Brightness: 1500 lm, 
  • Powerful, Long Lasting  225 Watt Lamp with a Lifespan of over 6,000 working hours – at full power,

SONY: VPL-VW285ES comes with 4 times more detailed picture than a standard Full HD, and within double frames refresh rate speed.


Another newly announced Home Theater models and Approximately – MSRP By SONY:

  • Sony VPL-VW385ES: 4K HDR Projector, MSRP: 8,000 US Dollars, 
  • Sony VPL-VW675ES: 4K HDR Projector, MSRP: 15,000 US Dollars, 



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