Mavic Pro PLATINUM: The Best Portable Drone By DJI

 DJI Mavic Pro PLATINUM: The Best Portable Drone By DJI

 IFA 2017, Berlin. DJI Announced their Best Portable Drone.

 Let’s present the DJI’s just announced DJI Mavic Pro PLATINUM – their Best Portable Drone.



Benefits and improvements to the successor – the standard series DJI Mavic Pro:

  • Improved flying time – Up to 30 minutes,
  • Low Level of emitted noise: 4 dB better performance or 60% lower noise,
  • Optimized Aerodynamic Performance performance of DJI 8331 Propellers,
  • 4K Camera,
  • 12 MP Photos,
  • 7 km Range,
  • TOP Speed – 40 MPH/ 65 kph,
  • 3-DoF Gimbal,

DJI Mavic Pro Standard Technical Parameters:

  • 2.4GHz /5GHz – Dual-Band Wi-Fi,
  • Weight: 1.62 lbs / 734 g,

  The manufacturer’s guaranteed device better performance and efficiency is as a result of the implementation of a few technical innovations.

  On the first place, power handling parts are using newer, high-efficient FOC sinusoidal ESC – Electronic Speed Controller drivers, minimizing the “buzzing” effect, based on acoustic waves generated by the s multi-phase brushless motor solenoids.

  On the second place, using the newer – top grade, an optimized aerodynamics propellers – model DJI 8331, as a natural additive in a way to success.

  DJI specialist said, the Mavic Pro Platinum is their Best Balanced Portable Drone Yet.

Don’t Forget Keeping Safe All Living Creatures, While You Are Practice Flying, Dear Drone Freaks!



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