New Technology: Asus Windows Mixed Reality Headset

  New Technology: Asus Windows MR Mixed Reality Headset

 Starting Today, in Berlin, at IFA 2017, was presented a lot of wonderful devices, a few of them are pointing the Virtual reality. And not only the VR.

PIC. 1  ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset

PIC.2  ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset – Visual Example

VIDEO 1. ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset – Explore Your Imagination | ASUS

  We have the pleasure to introduce you the Newest Co-Manufactured Mixed Reality Headset: Asus Windows Mixed Reality Headset.

Asus Windows Mixed Reality Headset – Key Features:

  • Construction:
    • Balanced-crown design,
    • Cool touch fabrics,
    • An antibacterial material of Body,
    • Easy Adjust to different head sizes,
  • Amazing 3K Visual experience (2880 x 1440 Pixels),
  • High Refresh Rate: 90fps,
  • 6DoF – Two Front Cameras with 6 Degree of Freedom,
  • Integrated gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer
  • No need any external sensors or to Download an additional software,
  • Easy Plug and Play Setup,
  • Quick Setup – Whole setup process takes 10 minutes or less.
  • Weight: 390 g.


Don’t Be Afraid To Descend Into The Virtual Reality Wolrd, Dear Gamers, And VR Freaks!



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