Smoke Absorbers: Different Variants And Typical Usage

  Smoke Absorbers: Different Variants And Typical Usage

  Today’s topic will be related to the different manners of absorbing the smoke, produced in process of soldering and rework.

  Common mistake – from neglecting or ignorance is founded In Prototyping, small series PCB Mounting or general Soldering, rework activity.

  Namely, the smoke absorption. This problem is often found in electronics hobby laboratory. None or not well-ventilated rooms need to be avoided for workplaces when you are using the soldering Iron and flux. If there isn’t another way, on help is coming to the smoke absorbers.

  In a common case of their principles of work is staying the fan and active charcoal filter. The AC filter looks like a grate or a rough net, maiden by thin carbon flakes, producing the huge absorbing area.

  Let’s start and see the most commonly used “Classic type” of Smoke Absorber:

 Hakko FA-400 Welding exhaust Anti-static Exhaust Smoke Absorber 220V

Hakko FA-400 – Main Benefits:

  • Two-way Operation: can be placed horizontally and vertically,
  • Intake Air Flow speeds up when the device is placed horizontally, 
  • Horizontal Usage reduces shadows and maximizes the comfort of work.


Aoyue 701A++

Aoyue 701A++ Key Features:

  • Unique Design – Over the soldering Direct smoke absorption:
  • Suction Air Flow Volume: 15 L/minute,
  • Two Independent Tools:
    • Soldering iron,
    • Desoldering “gun”,
  • Long Life Design:
    • All Heaters are with a guaranteed By manufacturer Long life, 
  • Low voltage Operation:
    • 24-volt Powered Heaters,
    • ESD Protection, 
  • Digital Temperature Control,
  • Digital Calibration Function, 
  • 70 Watt soldering iron,
  • Integrated nozzle for Smoke Absorbing,
  • Dimensions:
    • 14 x 10 x 14 inches,
  • Weight:
    • 13 pounds.


QUBO X1002 CE Double Head – Key Features:

  • Model Name: X1002,
  • Air Collecting interface:
    • Diameter 75mm,
    • x 2 Nozzle flanges,
  • Power Consumption:
    • Maximum 200Watts,
  • Absorbed Air Velocity:
    • 2 x 11m/s,


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Hakko FA430-KIT1 Smoke Absorber with Hakko C1571

Hakko FA430 Kit / Hakko C1571  – Key Features:

  • High-Efficiency Particulate Air – HEPA filter,
  • Filtering Level:
    • System performs a Filtering out for over 99.97% of smoke or dust particles with an outer diameter greater than 0.3μm,
  • Ultra Low Noice Operation:
    • 44 to 53 dB Noice Level / Related to the Air Volume 2.8 to 4.7m3/minute,
    • Highly Recommended for office and laboratory,
  • Two Nozzle’s Holes, 
  • Dual Filter Operation: Pre-Filter and Main-Filter.


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