Sony MDR-Z1R versus Technics EAH-T700

  Sony MDR-Z1R versus Technics EAH-T700

  Into a Premium, often named signature class has only a High-Performance devices. The competitor’с rivalry is a valuable part of the Scientific and technical progress.

  The competitor’s rivalry is a valuable part of the scientific and technical progress. Namely, in such kind of a “crazy” competition “are Born” and applied many breakthrough inventions.

  Now, let we both see the technical advance in action.

  The First Device in our comparing topic is Sony MDR-Z1R: Premium High-Resolution Over-Ear Headphones.


  Sony MDR-Z1R – Key Features:

  • High-resolution ready, 
  • Over-Ear Headphones design,
  • Driver Diameter:
    • 70 mm, 
  • Diaphragm periphery is maiden by a Liquid crystal polymer, 
  • Wide Dynamic Range:
  • Frequency Response Range: 
    • 4 Hz … 120,000 Hz, 
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB / mW, 
  • Max Power handling:
    • max: 1500 mW per side,
  • The Special, mathematically modeled housing guarantees completely resonance free manner of work, 
  • Ear-Pads: The real natural feeling with soft Pads, maiden from a Genuine Sheepskin,
  • Titanium, ultra light body details, 
  • Silver Plated Oxygen-Free Copper wires for astonishing “audio picture’s” details,
  • MDR-Z1R Headphones have 3m / 9.84 ft long Silver plated Copper cable, finished with the Gold Plated 4.4 mm / 0.17″-inch, new standard for best L&R channel’s separating, 
  • Detachable Cable for the Easier Transportation,
  • Impressive Japan Quality.

 Smashing High-Frequency diapason:

   Device reconstructs the original audio source within an amazing wide dynamic range and vivid and immersive sound details.

 Reverberations Free Design:

   All kinds of parasitic reverberations are cut out by implementing a special Air-Filter,

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Technics EAH-T700 Premium Over-Ear Headphones

Technics EAH-T700 – Key Features:

  • High-Resolution Ready,
  • Over-Ear Headphones design,
  • Frequency Response Range:
    • 3 Hz … 100,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 102 dB / mW,
  • Four Speaker, Two-Way Design:
    • 5″ { 5.08 } cm – Middle And Bass Driver, 
    • 1/2″ { 1.4 } cm – Ultra High-Frequency Tweeter, 

  The Tweeter and Bass to the Middle range – 50mm Driver is angularly each other placed into the speakers’ enclosure, focusing the air pressure into one virtual point – the listener Ear in. 

  This Amazing, the same time simple design allows the true representation of Sounds in one natural way, mixing up directly on the beginning of the ear’s canal.

  The Result is more than obvious: Frequency Response Range is 3 Hz … 100,000 Hz.


Never Stop To Reinvent The Sound’s Beauty, Dear High-Fidelity Audio Enthusiasts, and Audiophiles!




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