PD3200Q/U: 32″ Class Monitors For Designers Model 2017 By BENQ

  PD3200Q/ PD3200U: 32-inch Class Monitors For Designers Model 2017 By BENQ

  Today, we are thinking about the designers, especially CAD/CAM Developers, steering for many hours at the screen.

  That is valid for each person, spending a half of their life sitting on the desk in front of the LCD screen.

  Both they need to protect their sight from blue light damaging effect.

NOTE: You could find more info on our website, following these 2 internal links:  Link-1, Link-2.

We will introduce two 32-inch class Designer’s monitors Model 2017:

They are mainly different in their Matrix’s resolutions.

1.) BenQ PD3200Q: 2K – QHD Designer’s 2017 Monitor 

2.) BenQ PD3200U: 4K – UHD Designer’s 2017 Monitor  

BENQ PD3200Q & PD3200U – Key Features:

Display Resolution:

  • 1:  BenQ PD3200Q 2K {2560 x 1440} pixels, VA Technology,
  • 2:  BenQ PD3200U 4K {3840 x 2160} pixels, IPS Technology,

Display Technology:

  • VA Professional technology with wide viewing angles:

Display Modes:

  • CAD/CAM,
  • Darkroom,
  • Animation,   

Color palette:

  • Covers 100% of Rec. 709 – HDTV recommendation,
  • sRGB color gamut, 

Other: Benefits:

  • Low Levels of Emitted Blue Light,
  • Flicker Free, 
  • KVM – Keyboard Video Mouse Switch,

Eye Care Technology:

  Special ASUS developed Eye Care Technology for Low Blue Light and Flicker-Free technology reduce eye discomfort – Read the theory on link1 in the beginning of today’s topic.

KVM Switch

  Keyboard Video Mouse switch allows to Display information from 2 PC systems on the Screen using one keyboard and one mouse.

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