Matrice 600 Series: Professional Aircraft By DJI

 Matrice 600 Series: Professional Aircraft By DJI

  Let See the Already finished DJI Specialists all-new design – DJI Matrice 600 Series Drone.

  Developed as a natural growth of its predecessor DJI Matrice 100 & DJI Matrice 200, specially designed for Cinema filmmaking and industry usage both in warm and cold rough weather conditions, the long-lasting six battery design is providing breathtaking flying time duration. 

  This extraordinary drone is capable of flying up to 37 minutes with a radius of operation equal to 5 km, as the maximal useful payload can reach 6 kg – of course at the price of reduced flying time. 

  The design has an impressive 6-battery ideology, smart situated in around. Each one battery is connected to the management system, assuming non-problematic operation if there is one battery fault. The Extra-powerful Brushless Motors have an individual powering Bus Path. 

DJI Matrice 600 Series Industry Drone – Key Features:

  • Typical Application:  Professional aerial photography and industrial applications
  • A radius of operation:
    •  5 km,
  • Battery Lifespan / Flight Time:
    • Up to 37 Minutes, depending of Battery Type and Useful Payload,
  • Level of protection: IP43,
  • A degree of proofing by the Weather Condition influences:
    • IP43,
  • Useful Payload Capacity:
    • max 6 kg.
  • Propellers’ Parameters:
    • Diameter: 21-inch / 53.3 cm,
    • Thread Pitch: 7-inch / 17.8 cm,
    • Weight – 58g. 
  • Camera:
    • FPV Camera Support:
  • Gimbal Types / Payload Weight / Flying Time Based on TB47s Battery {22.2V/4500mAH}:
    • XT / 0.5kg /  32 minutes,
    • X5R / 0.8kg / 30 minutes,
    • Z15+A7/ 1.8kg / 26 minutes,
    • RONIN-MX+RED or 6kg payload / Up to 16 Minutes,
  • Gimbal Types / Payload Weight / Flying Time Based on TB48s Battery {22.8V/5700mAh}:
    • XT / 0.5kg /  37 minutes,
    • X5R / 0.8kg / 35 minutes,
    • Z15+A7/ 1.8kg / 30 minutes,
    • 5.5kg payload / Up to 18 Minutes,
  • External Professional GPS / Compass-PRO,
  • Gimbal Configurations:
    • Single Upward Gimbal,
    • Single Downward Gimbal,
    • Dual Downward Gimbals,
  • Software Application: Matrice 600 supports the DJI GO app
  • Device Dimensions: 
    • 19.7 x 17.3 x 27.6-inch,
    •  50 x 44 x 70 cm.
  • Total Drone weight:
    •  8.8 lb,
    •  4 kg,

Spheres of Application

  This Six Propeller Unmanned Aerial System – UAS Aircraft is perfectly matching with its benefits, when is used in cases of the industrial applications, and also for life surviving related activities, e.g. searching People in a large area in time of a disaster situation.

   One defined industrial application is the powering line visual inspection. Tall Construction inspecting, like far antennas in telecom equipment, Green Energy Wind Turbine and Solar poles Visual inspection, Map building, Firefighting, etc. The application’s list is endless.      

Live Streaming  

Using DJI Lightbridge 2 The Matrice Series 600 system supports HD Live streaming, as follows:

  • FULL HD: 1080p – progressive scanning @ 60fps,
  • FULL HD: 1080i – interleased scanning @ 50fps and,
  • HD 720p @ 60fps, 

for wireless transmittion.

Don’t Stop To Take The Right Decision, Dear Aircraft Enthusiasts And, Experts! 



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