GhostEye™ : 150M V2 HDMI & SDI Video Sender Kit By Cinegears

  GhostEye™: 150M V2 HD & SDI Wireless Video Transmission Kit By Cinegears

  We ask our little friend CPU Monkey to search Wireless transmitter, working at High ISM Band for free transmitting both SDI and HDMI Multimedia Streaming Interfaces. 

  Wireless system need to allow a stable connection, “throwing the signal” to about 200m of distance.

  Let see the CPU Monkey’s find.

  Ghost-Eye: 150M V2 HD & SDI, 984 feet

  Up to 300m of wireless transmission @ 5GHz Band

  System pair is covering up to 300m in direct view/line of sight area


PIC. 1 Ghost-Eye: 150M V2 HD & SDI Video Sender KIT

Cinegears Ghost-Eye Kit Main Purpose:

  Complete Hardware Design KIT for Broadcasting video & audio over a line of sight (up to 984 feet) with less than 1ms latency time, without any compression.  

Cinegears Ghost-Eye 150 M, 984′ Wireless HD video transmission kit – Main Features:

  • Wireless High Definition Video And Audio Transmission,
  • Covered distance { Line of Sight }:
    • Max 984 feet or 300 meters @ Free ISM 5GHz Band / Coexist with Wi-Fi,
  • Using Standard Interface:
    • SDI & HDMI: Max 1920 x 1080 Progressive Scan @ 60 frames per second
    • Color: 10-bit Color Depth @ 4:2:2
    • Built-in HDMI <to> SDI cross conversion,
    • AES-128 encryption, 
  • frequency channels:
    • 10-channel pairs, manually selected by a user via rotate configuring switch,
  • Powering Both Transmitter [Tx] & Receiver [Dx]:
    • DC/IN Power plugs – Professional Standard LEMO 2-pin, 
    • Field variant: SONY F970 Compatible Battery Buckle, 
  • Back compatible with all versions:
    • Previous 150M,
    • 300M,
    • 400M.
  • Certificates: CE, FCC, RoHS compatible, 
  • A receiver’s Indicating LEDs:
    • 4 pcs. for Signal Level,
    • 1 LED for stream detection status.

   Transmitted Video & Audio Signal can be received from an unlimited number of receivers from any Ghost-Eye model. They Also Can work on separate channels within minimal latency, below 1 millisecond. This is an ultimate extra, and “Developing into your imagination” it is probably applicable to your new grandiose project.


VIDEO 1. Cinegears Wireless Video System Ghost Eye 150m

See the Package: 

  • Cinegears 150M GhostEye 984′ Audio/Video Transmitter – 1 pcs.,
  • Cinegears 150M Receiver with built-in antenna – 1 pcs.,
  • Two Foldable Helicoidal / Paddle Antennas – for transmitter,
  • Lemo 2-Pin Power Cable for 150M System – 2 pcs.,
  • Mountings:
    • Cinegears Solid Ball Joint Arm – 1 pcs.,
    • Cinegears Steel Mounting Clamp 12 … 55mm – 1 pcs.,
  • Carrying Case: 
    • Waterproof & Shock-proof Foam Case.


Foldable paddle Antennas

  This extra allows you to change the transmitted wave polarity, related your needs and RF Spread spectrum cleanliness.

  T, Y, or Straight U Configuration of antennas can be used in a way to obtain a maximum level of received signal.  

Durable Design:

  The Metallic case and All used High-Quality Materials, Integrated Protection Circuitry – guarantee the best in a class level of ESD protection.

  Using as basic the Human Body Model or HBM, the described device pair Kit has built-in an ESD protection.

  All Input/Outputs available on sockets, slots or jacks  has High-Voltage ESD Protection:

  ± 8000 Volts Electrostatic Discharge Protection, relevant to the HBM.

Don’t Stop To Invent New Horizons, Dear Explorers!



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