HyperDeck Studio Mini & ATEM TV Studio HD By Blackmagic

  HyperDeck Studio Mini & ATEM Television Studio HD By Blackmagic Design

  BlackMagic-“ians” are never stop amazing many of Electronics Freaks, Photography enthusiasts, Professional photographers and all live video production professional auditory.

  The BM Device’s performance is always Top-Benchmarked.

  “The make” is with the Highest-Quality on the market, with Top-Level Smart & Intuitive Professional Ergonomics – Maiden by Professionals to Professionals.

  BlackMagic’s say, that in every moment of creative process, their specialists are making the things with “The User in Mind” – that is “The Secret” of their Success.

  Today we will see two their devices, one of items is the most-miniature, such type product, into the World of Pro-Audio & Video Equipment Devices.

  We are selecting exactly these 2017 year launched compact devices with good separate price and excellent price/quality ratio.

  And another good news: The Amazon Online Store is surprising now with a superb priced bundle.


Today’s Topic Related Devices:

  • Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Studio Mini
  • Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio HD Switcher
  • Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Studio Mini & ATEM Television Studio HD Switcher Bundle


1. HyperDeck Studio Mini Ultra HD

UHD Playback & Recording

  The HyperDeck Studio Mini is the World smallest Hyper Deck Player & Live Production Video Recorder in SD, HD and Ultra-High-Definition.

  • 10-bit recording and playback via single Milti-Rate Up to 6Gbps SDI-Interface,
  • Two SDI Outputs,  
  • Dual SD/UHS-II card slots / recorders,
  • Dirrect FTP media upload using World Standard Wired RJ45 Ehternet connection – Supporting Powering over The Ethernet (Phanthome Supply Between Twisted Pairs),
  • HDMI Output for dirrect monitoring,
  • DB-9F Input connector for Remote Controlling interface, etc. 

  How does it sound to You? Flexible, captivating or promising? Or both?

  The Dynamic Media swaping between two Flash Memory Cards, is an amazing feature. It gives the ability to record and hot swap already filled one LOW-COST Media SD/UHS-II Card, continuing the record over next card, non intreruppting the recording process!     



PIC. 1  HyperDeck Studio Mini Ultra HD


ATEM Television Studio HD Switcher

This Extraordinary, fulfilled with the bombastic amount of unthinkable extras & features Switcher and ATEM Software Control panel application for MAC or Windows allow you to do almost everything you need in live video production.

  Said with the different words: Do all the Magic, e.g. one sport activity to become Live HD Television.


PIC. 2  ATEM Television Studio HD Switcher



PIC. 3  Blackmagic Design: ATEM Television Studio HD & HyperDeck Studio Mini Bundle


Matching Your Perfect Style:


Never Stop Searching The Best Hardware Solution, Dear Live Production Professionals!



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