Sound+ Superb & Stylish Soundbar By Samsung

  Sound+ Superb & Stylish Soundbar By Samsung

   We are excited to present you the newest SoundBar from Samsung: Sound+  

   The Body has traditional for such kind of device – the parallelepiped shape maiden from metal. 

   Behind the front facing grille are placed 9 modern, matched high-fidelity speakers, driven individually by 9 ultra-low-noise class D Digital audio amplifiers.

PIC. 1  Samsung HW-MS650, HW-MS651 Sound+ Nine Speaker HD Premium Soundbar

Samsung Sound+ Premium Soundbar – Key Features:

  • Nine Speaker’s 42″ All-in-One Premium HD SoundBar 3-Channel Audio System
  • 3 Tweeters: Situated x1 in left and right side, and one in the geometrical center of an enclosure.  
  • 6 Full-Range Speakers: Equal-distant placed – situated in pairs on the left 1/3, center, and right 1/3 of the front area. 
  • Frequency Range: 40Hz … 20kHz,
  • Distortion Cancelling Mode,
  • Wireless:
    • Bluetooth LE V4.0,
    • Certified Dual band Wi-Fi {2.4GHz & 5GHz},
  • Supported Lossless and HD Audio Formats:
  • SMART Mode: Playback optimisation for superb D to A Conversion and balanced sound-acoustic listener experience,
  • Connectors:
    • HDMI – 1 x Input,
    • HDMI – 1 x Output,
    • HDCI 2.2 Support – 3D Video at 4K / 60fps,
    • USB 2.0,
    • 1 x Optical – Digital Audio Input,
    • 1 x Return Audio channel, 
  • Multi Room Support,
  • Wireless Set Ready, 
  • Color: Dark Titan,
  • Dimensions {W x H x D}: 
    • 41.74″ x 3.08″ x 5.15″ – inches, 
  • Weight: 
    • 13.67 lbs,
    • 6.2 kg.


VIDEO 1. Samsung Sound+ Premium Soundbar – Hands-On Review

Distortion Free

  Stop any distortions using the progressive DSP algorithm for smooth Sound “Picture”. It means Clear Waves, extrapolating the unpredictable picks, noises and imperfections in represented Datastream, not just below the final DAC Stage, but the inner system data conveyer level.


  Detects and optimizes playback data of your audio content to an excellent D/A conversion’s results and balanced sound-acoustic listener experience.


Don’t Stop To Find Your Audio System, Dear Home Theatre, And Audio Enthusiasts!



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