NIKON Coolpix W300: Always Ready for Adventure

 NIKON Coolpix W300: Always Ready for Adventure

  Let We Present You Just announced All-New Coolpix Member from Nikon’s Family:

  Coolpix W300: 16 Mp 4K UHD Compact Waterproof Camera

  This Nice Rugged 16Mp CMOS Sensor 4K UHD Camera will be you next reliable friend during not only the summer but all year adventures. 

  Durable Design:  Waterproof, Shockproof, Freeze-Proof, Dust-Proof…

  NIKON Coolpix W300 has Certified Waterproofing for underwater depth up to 30m, capable of recording videos in 4K UHD Resolution with low-noise and brilliant quality.

  It also has worry-free shock proofing, guaranteed by the manufacturer for drops up to 2.4m.

  The Device is developed with a mind to work in rough weather conditions even in freezing temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius in Winter Months.  

The Hybrid VR image stabilization brings the operator new horizons, increasing him creativity and allowing to be captured much vibrant footage in a stunning quality in shaking conditions of shooting, e.g. from the driving car, on the boat when you are rafting or, even under the water, moved continuously by the water flow.


NIKON Coolpix W300 – Main Benefits:

  • 16 MP CMOS sensor, 1/2.3-inch, 
  • 4K UHD Video Recording, 
  • In Camera music montages, 
  • Smart User Interface, 
  • User-friendly Customizable Controls,
  • 5x Optical-Zoom NIKKOR lens,
  • 4 Nice Color variants:
    • RED,
    • Yellow,
    • Black and,
    • Military Camouflage Skin,
  • Durable Design:
  • Proofing:
    • Waterproof,
    • Shockproof,
    • Freeze Proof,
    • Dust Proof.
  • VR – Eliminates Vibrations via Lens shift Technology – electronic Vibration Reduction,


PIC. 3 Variety of Colors


Don’t Stop To Reinvent The Beauty, Dear Photo Enthusiasts!



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