STR-DN1080: 7.2 Channel H-RES Dolby Atmos Wi-Fi AV Receiver By SONY

  STR-DN1080: 7.2 Channel Hi-RES Dolby Atmos Wi-Fi AV Receiver By SONY


PIC. 1  STR-DN1080 – Dolby Atmos Wi-Fi Network 7.2 Channel AV Receiver

   We are used to seeing many 7.2 AV Receiving System as a “quite usual system”.

   The SONY’s Specialist is keeping their line to improve and perfect in every aspect their product.        

    Independently, today’s topic will point your attention to an STR-DN1080 Freshly announced and now available STR-DN1080 7.2 Channel AV system BY SONY.

   SONY’s STR-DN1080 updates its predecessor STR-DN1070 – the Hi-Res Audio Monster. 

   Let we see together and present you SONY’s newest multichannel monster: STR-DN1080

  STR-DN1080 – Dolby Atmos Wi-Fi Network 7.2 channel AV Receiver:

STR-DN1080 – Key Features:

  • 7.2 Channels – 165 Watt /channel { at 6 Ohms and 1KHz with 0.9% THD}
  • Dolby Atmos 3D and DTS:X Support,
  • DTS:X The object-based surround sound for up to 7.1-channels, 
  • Flexible Matrix of 6 x HDMI Input Slots / 2 x HDMI Output Slots, 
  • HDCP 2.2 – using HDCP 2.2 the newest 4K UHD Standard for Premium Visual experience visualizing the 4K Video content.  
  • HDR Technology For more Realistic Images, thanks to the High-Dynamic range Support.

Audio Parameters:

  • DSD Formats t: 
    • 2.8MHz – Up to 5.1 Channels, 
    • DSD 5.6  – 5.6 MHz Native Support – Direct Stream Digital, 
  • Linear PCM Hi-Res Format Support:
    • ALAC – 2 Channels,
    • FLAC – Up to 5.1 Channels,
    • WAV – Up to 7.1 Channels.
    • AIFF – Up to 5.1 Channels, 
  • DSEE HX:
    • Upscaling in High-Resolution your regular-quality Audio and music collections.
  • SFT – Integrated Sony’s Sound Field Technology,
  • Calibration DCAC –  SONY’s Digital Cinema Automatic Calibration,
  • Blu-ray Discs™ support;
  • Built-in Dolby True HD Master Audio decoder
  • Integrated DTS-HD Master Audio decoder, 
  • Google Chromecast™ compatible.
  • Surround Options:
    • S-Force PRO – 2.1 channels Only Front Surround – Perfect Solution for small rooms and where isn’t possible to install rear surround speakers,

Wireless Connectivity:

  • Built-in: 
    • Wi-Fi Certified,
    • Bluetooth, 
    • NFC -Touching to connect,
  • AirPlay Audio Support,
  • SONY Bluetooth LDAC™ – Allows the better audio quality.
  • Multizone support:
    • 1st Multichannel Zone,
    • Powered 2nd Zone, 
    • 3rd zone connectivity and control.  

PIC. 2  STR-DN1080 – AV Receiver – Rear Side View

HDCP 2.2

    The progressive visual impression with premium 4K content at HDCP2.2. The system consists HDMI 2.0a with 5x Inputs / 2x Output HDMI, let you have The highest user experience: watch Up to 4K videos, at Up to 60fps refresh rate, with the nowadays highest possible 4:4:4 color matrix representing ability.

Direct Stream Digital: DSD

PIC. 3 High-Resolution audio is a better “alternative” even at CD-quality music.

   DSD is technology brings to designers and listeners many new possibilities – without any losses while conversion and encoding process.

   The effect is more than an obvious – it is pure and complete equal to the original recorded sound.

    DSD 5.6 MHZ: 128 times higher Sampling Rate frequency than the Regular CD Sampling-rate.

    Non-DSD tracks are processed via the Built-in multicore DSP processor in a superb 32-bit D/A resolution.   

 The described 7.2 Channel AV Receiver is supporting the next Audio formats: 

  • AIFF – Up to 5.1 Channels,
  • ALAC – 2 Channels,
  • FLAC – Up to 5.1 Channels,
  • WAV – Up to 7.1 Channels. 


DCAC:  Digital Cinema Automatic Calibration

  Simply place the included highly precision microphone in a Wished Theatre Center of your room.

   Start the calibration mode, using one “click” and the DSP’s highly intelligent automatic job will make all necessary adjustments and refines to absolute perfection, no reverberate and parasitic resonances

  Ready: The best Room Audio presentation now is ready.


LDAC™:  The easiest and wireless way to “materialize” your High-Resolution Audio content with today described the audio system.


Don’t Stop To Reinvent The Beauty: Dear Audio Enthusiasts!



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