UBX-M8230-CT: Ultra-Low-Power GNSS Receiver Chip By u-Blox

  UBX‑M8230‑CT:  Ultra-low-power GNSS receiver chip for wearable applications By u-Blox

  Low-power global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver chip.

  We present you newly announced u-Blox GPS Receiver – as the manufacturer said for all-new UBX‑M8230‑CT: “The ground-breaking super low-power GNSS receiver chip” ready for battery-powered wearable applications”

  • Super E – Mode: for an ultimate balance between power consumption and tracking performance.

  Often, especially in the battery-powered designs, when the power budget is “limited” the only solution to become a device useful is to increase the time between each acquiring or check positions.

  But now, using new UBX‑M8230‑CT Super-E GNSS Chip from u-Blox,  it isn’t necessary to do what kind of compromise with the resolution, precision and time between the different points of the track.  

  A PCB Design can be done in a Small size area – even below 30 mm²,

About u-Blox:  

 With headquarters in Thalwil, Switzerland, the Swiss u‑blox is a global leading manufacturer of wireless and positioning semiconductors and modules with targets niches as the automotive, industrial and consumer markets.

 Main applications are pointed to locate the vehicle or people’s location, and send or communicate over short range p2p networks or GSM Multi-Cellular networks.  

 Many modern and innovative solution for IoT designs are also included in a u-Blox’s product portfolio.

 The Swiss u-Blox have globally presented offices in The USA, Europe, and Asia.

Typical Applications:

  • Heart rate monitoring and Fitness Trackers,
  • Sport wearables, 
  • Smartwatches,
  • Children tracking systems, 
  • Animal tracking systems,
  • Vehicles, Cycles, motorbikes,
  • Gadgets and assets theft prevention and tracking systems, 

u-Blox UBX‑M8230‑CT Key Features:

  • Specially developed for portable devices, especially wrist‑wearable applications,
  • Optimized on a system level power consumption:
    • LNA power saving,
    • Data Logging,
  • Super-E GNSS:
    • 80%+ of Best Position Accuracy in a GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou in Super‑E {Super‑Efficient} mode,
  • Compact board space:
    • Under 30 mm²,
  • One Second Update: Power consumption is down to 20 mW – with new position info, updated in every second,  

u-Blox UBX‑M8230‑CT – Main Technical Parameters:

  • Supply Voltage:
    • 1.4V – 3.6V,
  • Interfaces:
    • UART,
    • SPI, 
    • USB, 
    • DDC / I2C supporting,
  • Services Supported in Super-E mode:
    • QZSS/GPS,
    • GLONASS,
    • BeiDou, 
  • Services Supported in standard mode:
    • All above listed for Super-E mode + Galileo,
  • Clock Source: TCXO Oscillator, 
  • Chip Dimensions:
      2.99 x 3.21 x 0.36 mm,
  • 47-Pin Package:
    •  WL-CSP47,

  Minimizing the PCB, respectively the device size and Lowering the power consumption is bringing new horizons.

  The Wrist and wearable applications have their own requirements: The overall position accuracy mustn’t be worst than a 75% of equal of the Direct satelites in sky dissemination to receive relative one. It is Possible by using with temporary buffering / logging of the current data into the chip until the Controlling MPU is going to a reduced power consumption into Power Down or Sleep Mode.         

  The u-Blox’s Receiver Chip UBX‑M8230‑CT delivers excellent speed and position accuracy in tested portable and wearables applications, even in cases, where the hand movements are interrupting the direct view of the sky.

Don’t Stop To Reinvent Yourself, Dear GNSS Explorers!

{Source u-Blox}

 Site  u‑blox.com 



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