SONY Bravia OLED 4K: Unveiling The Screen Sound With SONY’s OLED TV

   SONY Bravia OLED 4K: Unveiling The Screen Sound With SONY’s OLED TV

  XBR55A1E, XBR65A1E

   Today We will present you a masterpiece Series A1E TV By SONY.

   Recently, we have become accustomed to enjoying many great Smart TVs – those, with an uncountable number of colors and High-Contrast.

   Even More, there are better models with the Higher Contrast and Best Sound. 

   But, The best Possible influence, Lowest Power Consumption, best all angles of view,  the Truly Colors and the highest Contrast Ratio with Naturally Black is only OLED TV System.

   Let See together with you the SONY’s Iconic 2017 Model: Bravia OLED 4K HDR Smart TV.

  Bravia OLED 4K A1E Series

Just Like an artist masterpiece


VIDEO 1.  SONY – Bravia OLED – Sound technology

When we are looking at the Described device in а slight silhouette it looks like Like at the artist board’s a new masterpiece painting.

SONY Bravia OLED 4K 55 & 65 inch – Key Features:

  • 4K UHD Smart OLED TV, 
  • X1 Extreme HDR Image Processing engine,
  • Simultaneously Solid and Gentle,
  • Super thin, all-new style stand with a minimalistic and clean design, focusing solely on-screen content, 
  • Intelligent SONY Android TV Control,
  • Smart Functionality and Intuitive User Interface,
  • X-Reality PRO Support, 
  • The Infinite Contrast is driven by above 8 millions of independently controlled light emitting OLED Pixels,
  • Brilliant Sound emitted through and Using the OLED Panel  as a large diaphragm,
  • HDR-High Dynamic Range,
  • Ultimate UHD 4K picture clarity,  
  • Motion flow XR enhancement, 
  • No motion blur on fast moving scenes,
  • Available in 55 and 65-inch variants,
  • Dimensions {W x H x D}:
    • TV without stand: 48.4″ x 28″ x 3.5″,
    • with stand: 48.4″ x 28″ x 13.4″

PIC. 1  SONY’s Bravia OLED 4K HDR Smart TV A1 Series  – Just Like an artist masterpiece

PIC. 2  The Art Silhouette of SONY’s Iconic Bravia OLED A1E Series Smart TV

PIC. 3  SONY Bravia OLED TV A1E Series Art Stand Rear Side View

The Ultimate Visual impersonate: 

  The Most Impressivе and touching Home Cinema TV System is which generates as high sRGB Gamut Colors, Best Neutral White, and the True Black is the OLED Technolgy.

  As you know it is impossible to reach true black color with LED Backlighted Matrix, upon don’t switch-off the Locally part or whole Backlight.

  The Only Decision is a Plasma TV or OLED Systems. Devices from the first group are highly power consumed, and also very expensive devices. 

 Conclusion: The Only OLED Technology is allowing an Individually emitting Pixel with infinite contrast for Absolute black.


SONY’s Intuitive Control:

  The Intelligent, Intuitive Sony’s Android TV Control and the Smart Functionality gives the impressive and quick access to your favorite online content.


Brilliant Sound:

  The Impressive and true Sound is emitting through and Using the OLED Panel as a large diaphragm driven By 4 Full Range High-Fidelity Speakers – Actuators

  Can see how it works in VIDEO 1.

Don’t Stop To Reinvent The Beauty, Dear Dome Cinema Enthusiasts!



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