DJI Spark – Small, Smart, Superb -The Newest Foldable Drone By DJI

   DJI Spark – Small, Smart, Superb – The Newest foldable Drone By DJI

  For Us is a pleasure to present you just announced mini foldable drone By DJI

  As we are accustomed to high-grade devices from the famous manufacturer – this new member is filling its own niche in the aircraft industry. The small footprint and amazing features, the dream for everyone loves the aircraft photography. Collecting all technological advances, the DJI’s designers are always unveiling newer and newer horizons, never stopping, overcoming any limitations. Next, their flight probably will be directly through the mind.  

DJI Spark – Key Features:

  • Smart and Foldable Design,
  • Very compact size both in folded and unfolded state,  
  • Ready to Fly: Spark Drone has a really quick launch. It is ready to fly in a few seconds.
  • Powerful Lens,
  • Large 1/2.3″ CMOS Sensor for perfect footage and smooth video recording, 
  • Mechanical Gimbal,
  • Optically Image Stabilizing mechanism,
  • Intuitive control, 
  • Many Flying modes:
    • Directions, 
    • Coordinates,
  • Flight Protection Modes:
    • FlightAutonomy,
    • Flight to home, 
    • Flight Protection, 
    • Smart battery, 
  • Quick shots effects: 
    • Dronie,
    • Helix,
    • Circle.
  • Improved gesture and Party Snapshot Control:
    • Palm-Control,
    • Selfies, 
  • FPV – First-Person View, 
  • Video Transmit Up to 2 km Live High Definition Video transmission, 
  • Speed: 50 km/h top speed, 
  • Intelligent Rechargeable Battery,
  • Battery Lifespan: 16 minutes single charge max flight time.


Video 1. DJI Spark – In-Depth Review [4K]

 The Spark Drone is Easy launches directly from your hand, Get best moments and freedom from any space limitations in your vacancy and trips or celebrations.  

 Indulge in the desire to own it and enjoy the newly captured moments, applying new technologies in a walk.

Don’t Stop To Reinvent Yourself, Dear Aircraft Specialists!



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