Apple Watch Series 2: The Ultimate GPS Smart Watch By Apple

  Apple Watch Series 2: The Ultimate GPS Smart Watch By Apple 

  The Apple’s Specialists have been improved their more light first version of SmartWatch, Built-in interesting new functions, sensors, and features, including a GPS.  

  Many lucky people, including us as Apple’s products obsessed admirers, a significant part of the day are using their beautiful products. It will be true if we say, that all Apple’s products are line-art devices, maiden with the gorgeous think to materials, perfection in every detail, user Interface and completely ultimate user experience. All created their devices are fashionable, modern looking and perfectly fits in every interior. We could say that they all are iconic devices – a great pleasure for the human’s senses.


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Apple Watch Series 2 – Key Features:

  • Dual-core CPU,  
  • Built-In GPS Function, 
  • Size 38mm – fits on 130 mm … 200 mm wrist’s circumference
  • Size 42mm – fits on 140 mm … 210 mm wrist’s circumference.
  • Scratch resistant Ion-X glass covered touch-screen display,
  • Ceramic back: Sweat Protected back from Ceramics,
  • Waterproof – max 50m underwater.
  • Sensors:
    • Ambient light sensor,
    • Heart rate sensor,
    • Accelerometer,
    • Gyroscope,
  • GPS Module, 
  • Direct fire speaker and microphone,
  • Battery Lifespan: Up to 18 hours of battery life,
  • Operational System:
    • watchOS 3,
  • Color Styles:
    • Gold Aluminium,
    • Rose Gold Aluminium, 
    • Silver Aluminium, 
    • Space Grey Aluminium,

  The Ultimate sports watch series 2 has everything you need:

  • Dual-Core CPU,
  • Large easy readable touch-sensitive display,  
  • Sweat protected back maiden from ceramics,


Apple Watch Series 2:  Nice outsides, Powerful insides


High Contrast Display 

  The highly durable scratch proofed touchscreen display distinguishes with better touch response and high-contrast than the competitors in a class,

CeramicWatch Back  

  The Sweat is neutralized as a problem, right now. As you know, the metallic watch parts can influence to very sensitive people unlocking an allergy of other dermatological problems.

  So, the Apple’s designers and specialist have been decided to use a neutral dermatologically tested and certified ceramics to make a watch back.

  No more aggressive damages on back of your Watch, no etching processes, and no more metallic smell on your wrists. The right decision is using the neutral materials like,e.g. as the ceramics is.



Size 38mm:

Size 42mm:

Don’t Stop To Reinvent The Beauty, Dear Sports Enthusiasts! 



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