Clicker 2 For dsPIC33: PIC DSC Based 2x mikroBUS Board By Mikroelektronika

  Clicker 2 For dsPIC33: PIC DSC Based 2x mikroBUS Board By Mikroelektronika

  Let we continue our line of discussing in help the hobbyists, the pure hardware and devices’ developing.

  Today, we will present you the newest Mikroelektronika’s dual click compact embedded dsPIC33 development board: 

  Clicker 2 for dsPIC33: Two Click mikroBUS modules supporting PIC DSC Controlled Development Board By  Mikroelektronika

PIC. 1   Clicker 2 for dsPIC33 – Components View

PIC. 2  Clicker 2 for dsPIC33 – Bottom Layer View

PIC. 3  Clicker 2 for dsPIC33 Development PCB – Headers and Buttons Visual Description

Clicker 2 for dsPIC33 Development PCB – Key Features:

  • Development board with a compact footprint for two click modules using mikroBUS standard line.
  • Microchip DSC Family control CPU:
    • 16-bit dsPIC® DSC core with integrated DSP processor:
    • Single-chip Microcomputer, RISC 70-MIPS performance,
    • 512 KB Program Memory Size with factory Preprogrammed UART Bootloader,
    • 53,248 Bytes On-Chip RAM Memory,   
  • Built-in Smart Single chip USB Li-Ion Charger IC – LTC3586 – [Link to: manufacturer’s chip LTC3586 datasheet in PDF file format.]
    • LTC3586 Features: Multiple outputs – 2x Buck, 2x Buck-Boost, Ideal Diode, 4.1 or 4.2 CV Top Voltage,
    • USB Powering and charge is supported by the Micro USB slot – using package included cable,
  • Programmed with a UART Bootloader:
    • Clicker 2 for dsPIC33 Development PCB is Mikroelektronika’s factory firstly Flash Programmed with UART bootloader code,
  • Programmer/Debugger 5-pin header:
    • Supports:
      • MikroProg for PIC,
      • dsPIC,
      • PIC32,

PIC. 4  Two Click modules – Thermo 4 Click and Wi-Fi 7 Click “onboard” at Clicker 2 Development platform.

Powerful DSP Based MCU, “Tons” of click- modules in Mikroeletronika’s Store, Single Li-Ion Battery Cell powering and its Charging via microUSB slot unveils the whole Potential to create great Battery powered. 

Don’t Stop To Reinvent Yourself, Dear Electronics and Hobby Enthusiasts!



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