WX5000: 2x 35W Class D Extension Board for RPI 1,2,3 B By Wingoneer

 WX5000: 2x 35W Class D Extension Board for RPI 1,2,3 B By Wingoneer

  You like to create your own DIY devices. You are professional or hobbyist who likes listening to music recorded in high definition lossless audio format.

  Today we are Prepared one Extension PC Board perfectly matched to your favorite SBC Single Board Computer Raspberry PI 1,2,3 model B.

  Let’s see the detailed Product description.

WX5000  WINGONEER®  Main Benefits:

  • WINGONEER® Trademark Registration Number: 4747611, 
  • Special Best Quality Burr-Brown DAC for ultimate 192kHz/24bit sound “picture” quality,
  • Stereo DAC: System uses DAC ES9023 – the ESS Technology Sabre premier stereo DAC, 
  • Breathtaking studio quality DAC ES9023 delivers astonishing jitter-free audio with 112dB Dynamic Range – DNR
  • Texas Instruments low-noise voltage regulator,
  • TPA3118 Class D amplifier chipset,
  • Operating Systems Support: Moodle Audio Player; OSMC; Openelec; Raspbian Jessie; Volumio; Pi Core Player

PIC. 1  Wingoneer WX5000 crystal clear Audio Amplifier

Wingoneer WX5000  – Key Features:

  • High-quality BURR-BROWN Digital to Analog Converter with Sampling rates – up to 192kHz and 24-bit resolution for best sound quality reproduction,
  • Sabre Premier stereo DAC ES9023 with ESS Technology is delivering studio audio quality with 112dB of Dynamic range and free of any jitter 50MHz clock,
  • Ultra Low-Noise voltage regulator from Texas Instruments,
  • TPA3118 – Texas Instruments Class D amplifier chipset,
  • Amplifier Parameters: 2 x 35w of noise-free audio amplification,
  • Capable of driving 4 Ohm speakers (also works with higher impedance speakers),
  • RCA Stereo Output connectors – 24 karats galvanic Gold plated.
  • Detachable Volume control potentiometer knob,
  • High-Grade Electronic Components – Ceramic, Film Capacitors, Murata MLCC, 
  • Independently control from other i2s interface using only 3 wire I2S signal interface,
  • Amplifier can be enabled or disabled via jumper link, 
  • Powers the Raspberry Pi, 
  • Duplicated Raspberry Pi an HDMI port, 
  • Connects directly to the Raspberry Pi,

PIC. 2  Wingoneer WX5000 – Bottom View

PIC. 3 Wingoneer WX5000 – Connectors Legend

Manufacturer’s notice:
  “Do not power your Raspberry PI’s system using MICRO USB Pi’s socket.”

Main Technical Specifications:

  • Power supply: DC 6-24 V
  • DC Power Plug Size:  5.5 x 2.5 mm, 
  • Inputs:
    • HDMI – input x 1, 
    • Three wire Raspberry Pi I2S Input (LRCK – GPIO19, BCK – GPIO18, DATA – GPIO21, GND)
  • Outputs:
    • HDMI – output x 1,
    • RCA Gold-plated Output x 2 Connectors, 
  • Analog audio preamplifier output level: RMS 2V, 
    • Sampling Rate:
      • 192 kHz,
    • Discrete Resolution:
      • up to 24bit /  Raspberry Pi I2S Interface,
    • Power Amplifier output:
      • 2 x 35w (on 4 Ω and Powered at DC 24V),
  • Dimensions:
    •  122 x 90 x 90 mm,

See in the package:

  • WINGONEER X5000 Expansion Board – 1 pcs,
  • HDMI bridge – 1 pcs,
  • Speaker connection cable- 1 pcs,
  • Volume control board – 1 pcs,
  • Power switch – 1 pcs,

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Don’t Stop To Reinvent The Beauty, Dear Audio Enthusiasts!



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