UMC-S3CA: Super High-Sensitivity Compact 4K Camera By SONY

  UMC-S3CA: Super High-Sensitivity Compact 4K Camera By SONY

 Today we will reveal the features of one amazing high-sensitive 4K Camera:

 UMC-S3CA: Compact, Ultra-High-Sensitivity 4K Camera By SONY

 Perfectly suited for capturing in extremely low-light conditions  –  where the human eye is so weak to Distinguish Whatever it is. Shooting incredibly detailed footage in the middle of the night dark scenes from wildlife, the ultimate solution for Photo Trap and Remote application as PoV / Point-of-View and distant shooting.

 The astonishing Blur-Free color recordings are possible by virtue of a high-speed electronic shutter. The additional mechanical shutter allows exceptionally super low-noise 12Mp still images.

 With its low weight of only 14oz / 395g,  this high-sensitive camera perfectly matches to any robotic applications.


PIC. 1  UMC-S3CA: Compact Super High-Sensitivity 4K Camera 


PIC. 2  35mm Full-Frame ISO 409600 EXMOR CMOS Sensor

SONY UMC-S3CA – Key Features:

  • 35 mm Full-Frame Exmor CMOS Sensor,
  • E-mount FE lens compatibility, 
  • 4K Video at 29.97fps,
  • 12Mp Still images, 
  • New Genlock Function,
  • High-Speed 100Mbps Data Transfer, 
  • High Sensitivity: ISO409600 or 0.004 lux of minimum acceptable luminance,  
  • SD Flash Memory Card Slot,
  • HDMI Output.

  The combining 10-pin Controlled E-mount FE lens and Highly Sensitive Full-Frame 35 mm EXMOR CMOS sensor delivers the extraordinary performance in ultra-low light ambient conditions.

  The great low-light sensitivity of 0.004 lux or equivalent to ISO 409600 – This is amazing Class-Leading performance is obtaining, admittedly, completely deservedly.

  Continuous Movies and Solid 12 MP footage can easily be stored in on-board SD memory card, e.g. on included 64GB Flash Memory card be stored up to 125 minutes duration of Video recording in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second and a data bandwidth of 60Mbps.

  The Camera has an HDMI Port for simple connection with an External Monitor or advanced recording system.

  Another one feature makes this camera even more extraordinary: the new Genlock functionality. Ability to “Lock” the Frame phase and frequency synchronization of multiple similar cameras can be used to create the perfect 2D or 3D Virtual Reality Design. The similar Solution is already used into NOKIA’s OZO and OZO+ Designs.


 Full Technical Parameters Can Be Found Here:

Don’t Stop To Reinvent Yourself, Dear Photo Enthusiasts!




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