OZO+™: 360-degree AV Virtual Reality Cinematic Camera By NOKIA

  OZO+™  360-degree AV Virtual Reality Cinematic Camera By NOKIA

  Today’s Topic will be related to the Virtual Reality

  Let we present you the Newest VR Cinematic Camera By NOKIA: 

  OZO+: 360-degree Spatial Audio and 4K Video from Virtual Reality Cinematic Camera By NOKIA

Design Benefits: 

  OZO+™: Spherical Body with Stereoscopic H360/V195-Degree, 4K Video capture, and fully spherical 3d Audio Array.

  With its Solid, Budget Friendly Design, immersive quality, and the Powerful creative control, the VR Cinematic Device OZO+™ will be your reliable friend in the new era of VR.

PIC. 1  NOKIA OZO+: With its amazing Design it Reveals the unlimited creative possibilities

VR 360-degrees OZO plus – Key Features:


  • Sensor array: 8 Fully Synchronized 4K sensor/eye Array,
  • Sensor Type: Progressive Scan 2k x 2k per eye with Global Shutter,
  • Area coverage: Full-spherical, 360° X 195° coverage,
  • 4K UHD / 30 frames per second,


  Spatial 3 Dimensional Sound is created by 8 Microphones Array, Equidistantly placed in a Fully Spherical Device Body.

Real-Time Monitoring: 

  The enhanced Real-Time Monitoring is now supported in this sophisticated second revision of OZO device.

  There are included the dynamic previewing capabilities. You Can see into the VR Goggles nearly rendered recordings.

  Audio Monitoring Includes Midi Control and Audio angle overlay – the best way to adjust the deep or level of audio mixing between the separate microphone’s streaming audio tracks. It Works as Virtual Sound lens, allowing the editor to set up the separate microphone’s received air pressure beams.  

Stereoscopic Monitor Output:

  • Oculus DK2 on Mac OS X® with full 3D audio, 
  • Oculus Rift – NVidia or AMD on Windows, 
  • HTC Vive™ – NVidia on Windows.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Mac OS X® 10.11 El Capitan,
  • Mac OS™ 10.12 Sierra,
  • Microsoft Windows 10.

Camera Direct Time Lapse Creation:

  The Filmmaking creators can construct natively Time Lapse Recordings directly by OZO+ VR Camera.


  Intuitively, quickly and easily Preview the details, edit and make rough cuts directly into OZO Creator application.

Body Construction:

  Spherical shape and solid metallic Body ensures great thermal convection passive cooling to stone stable vibration proof atmospheric conditions resistance. 

Camera Dimensions:

  • 10.4 x 6.7 x 6.3-inch,
  • 26.4 x 17.0 x 16.0 cm, 


  • 9.3 lbs including rechargeable battery,
  • 4.2 kg,


OZO Related Video


VIDEO 1. Nokia’s Ozo VR rig shoots and edits pro-quality, immersive 360 video

OZO+ Full Technical Specifications:



{ Source NOKIA }

Site: ozo.nokia.com


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