NAB-2017 VR Cameras: NakedEYE By Indiecam

 NAB-2017 VR Cameras: NakedEYE By Indiecam

 360° VR – Camera, 4K, Global Shutter, 12-bit RAW Format 

 Few words for the manufacturer


  Indiecam GMBH are well-known with their top-rated and quality iconic products. They have been building high-end cameras and visual systems for many years.
  Also, their style can be recognized easily in many feature film set, e.g. The High-End Virtual Reality Systems.
  Their well-known systems are also targeted in broadcasting, filmmaking industry and live-VR productions, reaching the highest possible image quality.
  Today we will present you just announced at NAB-2017: nakedEYE – a professional VR-camera in miniature size with ability to record in Cinema DNG-RAW format.
  As you will understand soon this is probably the best solution for breathtaking cinematic VR-footage.
 Cinematic 360 Degree VR Camera NakedEYE – Key Features:
  • Dual Large Format Square Sensors with resolution 2K x 2K
  • Fully synchronized workflow,  
  • The Most advanced  Global Shutter Pixel Architecture, 
  • HDR – High Dynamic Range Enabled, 
  • Superb Performance in low-light conditions, 
  • Cinema DNG – 12bit RAW format Support,
  • Camera Dimensions: 
    • Diameter: 3.64 inches / 9.25 cm,   
    • Height:  4.69 inches / 11.9 cm, 
  • Weight:  13.4 oz / 380 g,

 nakedEYE – This Camera will become soon the synonym of a professional full 360° VR-camera with miniature size.

 The nakedEYE VR Camera covers the entire 360° sphere in a resolution of 4k while measuring only 80mm (3.15in) in diameter and weighing a mere 380g (13.4oz).

 This Camera is very special: It has High Resolution of 4K, Full 360° VR- Cinematic Capturing ability with Global shutter.  

 The easiest way to get VR-Footage from any moving objects like athletes or vehicles. VR allows the supervisor to see immersing into the highly detailed like real images from the most thrilling viewpoints.  

 The Camera features two large format sensors. They work completely synchronous and have shared Global Shutter. The Square 2K x 2K – Ultra-Fast Sensors have excellent Dynamic Range and Ultra performance in Low-ambient light conditions. 

 On the top of the camera is integrated the liquid marker for easily get the horizontal plane position. Finally, you have full control over all camera settings, available all the time.

 Conclusion: This “Little-Big” state-of-the-art camera has small footprint but it is the best solution for amazing POV-style VR-footage.


Cinema DNG RAW

  Indiecam’s specialists provide nakedEYE related support for a custom streamlined post-production workflow. 

  The Described complete system is also recording in a CinemaDNG RAW-files. This is the industry-leading RAW-format pioneered and spearheaded by Indiecam. The System uses more sophisticated stitching algorithms and all benefits of high-end RAW-workflow engines.


360 Degree Video Examples

VIDEO links:

Vienna Video #1 – 4K 60fps,

Vienna Video #2 – 4K 60fps,

Vienna Video #3 – 4K 50fps,


Indiecam: The best choice for high-end capture from cameras with a tiny footprint, even in VR using today described nakedEYE VR-Camera.


NAB 2017,  NAB-2017

{ Source: IndieCam }

 Site: Indiecam



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