GGMM E5: BT & Wi-Fi Stereo Speaker with Alexa By GGMM

  E5: Smart Wireless Speaker with Alexa By GGMM

  You not only like listening to music. You are obsessed with beautiful Music and want in every possible moment to be Immersed completely in superb surrounding sound.

  You also are impressed with new voice control technology, e.g. Amazon Alexa.

  You also need portability, a long battery lifespan with loud and crystal clear Stereo sound for every party, picnic, or celebration.

  The Stylish, compact, and modern design with intuitive user control is next to your criteria.

  Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are a mandatory part of “Device equipment”.

  We have found the uncompromising device fulfilled with extras as listed above at the symbolic price right now.

  Let us present you GGMM E5: The Iconic Wireless Stereo Speaker With Alexa Voice Control.


E5 Wireless Stereo Speaker – Key Features:

  • Awesome Stereo Design,
  • Powerful Sound with Enhanced Bass, 
  • Super slim design – only 1.5 inches thick,
  • Bass and Treble Manual Knob Adjustment,
  • Wireless Connectivity:
    • Bluetooth 4.0 Certified,
    • Wi-Fi Certified with a separate easy connection button,
  • Wired Connectivity:
    • AUX Port: Auxiliary 3.5mm Input Stereo Jack,
  • Tap-Talk Button:
    • Built-in Amazon Alexa Voice Control powered by Linkplay technology,
  • Favorite Button:
    • Built-in function for saving up to 6 Favorite Online Stations,
  • Power Source: AC Net / DC out = 15V-1.8A,
  • Integrated Li-Ion Battery with built-in Thermal Protection Circuit, 
  • Battery Playback Time: Up to 15 Hours,
  • Battery Bank Feature:
    • USB Smart slot with DC 5V/1A for Charging or powering any iOS, Windows or Android smart devices,
    • Suitable for All Apple products.
  • Multi-Room Support,
  • Multiple Connected Speakers: Up to 10,
  • Red dot Award 2017 winner,
  • Design Award 2017,
  • Available in White and Black Color variants.



PIC. 2  The Ultimate E5 Music Box

  Independently, the speaker has a super slim design – only 1.5 inches thick, the unit reaches great sound quality, a rich full-range sound spectrum, and impressive stereo effects.


Fully Immersive Design

  The Ultimate E5 Music Box has three different ways to stay connected to your favorite Music:

  • Using any kind of Wi-Fi connection, via Router, Direct Wi-Fi, Hot-Spot, etc. from any distance up to 160 feet.
  • Using Low energy Bluetooth – from any distance up to 60 feet,
  • or just use AUX Port – the auxiliary Stereo Jack for an energy-free wired connection.

PIC. 3  Buttons, Controls, and Ports – Visual Description

  The Speaker Designers present only Black and White Colors as options. There are two levels in Functionality: Full functional and Described above Variant and without Wi-Fi connectivity and Alexa Voice Control options.

Use Every Possibility For Party, Dear Alexa Voice Control Enthusiasts! 



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