Alpha 9: The Fastest and Silent Hero By SONY

  Alpha 9: The Fastest and Silent Hero By SONY

  The SONY Specialists’ never stop to amaze us.

  24MP Full-Frame Stacked CMOS Sensor, 4K Video, Near 700 AF-Points, In Body implemented Optical Image Stabilizer, Doubled Battery Capacity, and much more.  

  Today we will present their newly announced Interchangeable Lens Camera:

  Alpha 9 – The Fastest and Silent 24 MP Mirrorless Hero By SONY.

PIC. 1  SONY α9


VIDEO 1. SONY α9 – Product Feature 

SONY α9 – Key Features:

  • 24 MP Full Frame Stacked CMOS Sensor:
    • Integral Memory,
    • 20 times faster readout speed,
  • Continuous Shooting: 20fps with AF/AE tracking,
  • 693-point phase-detection focal-plane AF,
  • BIONZ X image-processing engine, 
  • Fast silent shutter capable of sensing the light portion for 1/32000 sec.
  • The shutter has minimal lag time, equal to 30ms,
  • Silent shutter { on/off },
  • The Camera has both electronic and mechanical shutters,
  • Blackout-free shooting: Non-mechanical electronic shutter stops any blackouts, typical for SLR mirror camera 
  • Built-In LiveViewer with 60fps refresh-rate ability,
  • IOS:  Body-integrated 5-axis Optical image stabilization
  • Battery Lifespan: Doubled Battery Capacity allows up to 480 footage on a single charge
  • Full-frame 4K Movies
  • Dual Memory slots for convenient data management,
  • Lan Terminal on Camera body: This feature allows Direct FTP Transfer from the Camera 


PIC. 2 Stacked CMOS Sensor Structure

4-Dimensional Focus

  High-precision in every detail of your focused subject.

  The captured area is covering widely in about 93% with the also significant number of phase-detection AF points.

  The truly 4D Focus has 693 phase-detection AF points. 


The Electronic or Mechanical Shutter

 The integrated electronic shutter reaches speeds up to 1/32000 sec. This Silent “mechanism” reaches very high-speed action, and it is also anti-distortion and vibration-free. 

 Under bright conditions or Even in direct sunlight you can fix the shallow depth of field without using an ND filter: e.g. just use A mode, 1/20000 sec. , F8.0 , and ISO = 1000.

 The Camera has also Integrated and mechanical Shutters.

{ Source: SONY }

Site: SONY.Com

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