Charging High Voltage Batteries With Low Voltage PV Panel

  Charging High Voltage Battery Packs using Low Voltage Photovoltaic or PV Panel.

  Even that looks like a lost battle, there is a firm who developed suitable connecting stage devices.

  The Genasun GV-series converting boosters are doing such energy transformation, moreover, in the best possible and efficient way.

  The Genasun’s Hardware Engineers / Developers said their Boost products are reached 99+ percent of peak performance.

  The regular competitors in boost sector are rаrеly and commonly non-standard realizations are below 90% total efficiency of conversion.

  This 10 % of the difference, seeing globally as unused energy, are one kind lost benefits and 1/10th of money profit.

  Everyone starts thinking when it comes to money.

  Another significant feature in Genasun’s Designs is, that they are developed with a mind to every little detail.

  Ultra Low MPPT’s Engine quiescent current consumption: Below 1mA, Typical 0.12 … 0.9 mA,

  Continuous MPPT Tracking Algorithm – Scanning and finding the Maximal energy extracting point 15 – 20 times per second – compared to Competitor’s slow, self-adjusting MPPT on every 30 – 60 second.


VIDEO 1.  Charging a golf cart with a solar panel using a Genasun charge controller.

  This improvement again brings to the end-user an increasing of Total Solar Charging System’s Performance.
  Dear our readers, today we will present you the Genasun’s GV-Boost Series MPPTs:
    GVB -x- WP: Boost & Waterproof MPPT Charger,
    GVB – x: Boost MPPT Charger & Controller.
   GVB-8-WP {Boost} 8A Input 350 Watts Waterproof MPPT Charge Controller
Typical application:
  Golf Cart Solar Boost Charger & Controller with MPPT
  Extend your Golf Carts running time using PV Solar Panel,
  The Genasun’s GV-Boost WP – Waterproof MPPT Controller & Charger is designed for adding solar panels to a golf cart.
  As you probably know the golf carts has high voltage Lead Acid Battery Pack and electric motor internal DC net requirements: 36 or 48V DC.
  Obviously, Low Voltage PV Panel couldn’t start the charging process.
  The battle is lost without using smart boost Technology.
Genasun’s GV-Boost 8A Variant has the ability to use 6V to 24V: lower voltage solar panels with 36V or 48V Higher Voltage Rechargeable Battery Packs.
The GV-Boost WP is the industry’s most efficient voltage-boosting solar charge controller.

PIC. 1  Genasun GV-Boost 8 Amp 48 Volt

Genasun GV-Boost 8 Amp 48 Volt:

GV-Boost WP – Key Features:

  • Waterproof – Class IP68,
  • Boost – Step-Up Design,
  • 99% Peak Efficiency,
  • Continuous MPPT: The System is providing parameters scanning 15 times per second,
  • 8A Input Current,
  • Input Voltage: 6-24V from PV Panel,
  • Rated Power: Up to 350 Watts,
  • Output Voltage: Related with Battery: Configurable:
  • Modes of Charging: CC, CV, Floating, Trickle, etc.
  • Built-in Advanced Electronic Protections,
  • Made in the USA,
  • 5-Year Warranty.

Note: The non-waterproof version has a Class of protection = IP40.

  IP40 Version, Boost, for Pb Lead Acid Accumulator
  MPPT Solar Boost Charge Controllers with 12 – 48V Output Voltage:

  With a high efficient PV panel, your cart will be able to drive 10+ miles every day on the sun. 


Genasun GV-Boost 8 Amp 48 Volt {GVB-8-Pb-48V} Pb Lead Acid Accumulator Charge Controller:

Genasun GV-Boost 8 Amp 36 Volt {GVB-8-Pb-36V} Pb Lead Acid Accumulator Charge Controller:

Genasun GV-Boost 8 Amp 24 Volt {GVB-8-Pb-24V} Pb Lead Acid Accumulator Charge Controller:


Reinvent The Right Way, Dear Solar Design Enthusiasts! 




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