CPU Monkey’s Cool Gadget Collection #10: YSP-5600

 CPU Monkey’s Cool Gadget Collection #10: Yamaha YSP-5600 

  We pleased our little friend CPU Monkey to check World Electronics Market for Multichannel Single piece Audio Acoustic System.

  High-quality, Single Unit Multichannel Acoustic system – contradictory requirements and parameters in our specification taken to CPU Monkey for searching.

  See full List with requirements:  

  System Basic Requirements:

  • Single Unit Design – The Central Speaker or Sound Bar Realization is Preferable.
  • Sound Quality: High-Fidelity Sound Reproduction.
  • HDMI® inputs with 4K Ultra HD pass-through and HDCP 2.2,
  • Hardware System Quality: Top-End Quality with high-reliable passive and active discrete electronic components and integrated circuits.
  • Body Construction: Top-Quality Design. Using metals, aluminum alloys, and high-durable plastics.
  • Multichannel Audio Acoustic System: Minimal: 5.1 channels, Preferrable: 7.1 channels. 

  Let us note that CPU monkey labored and hard-worked while she had been searching for the different manufacturers. 

  Now, let we see her find.

#10: YSP-5600: 7.1.2 Channel High-Fidelity Soundbar By YAMAHA

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PIC. 1  YSP-5600: 7.1.2 Channel High-Fidelity Soundbar

Yamaha YSP-5600 Sound Bar – Key Features:

  • Single Unit 7.1.2 Channel 3D Real Surround Audio Acoustic System.
  • Speakers Count:
    • 46 Speakers,
  • 7 Separate sound beams:
    • Front left & right,
    • Center,
    • Surround left & right,
    • Height left & right,
  • Intelli-Beam Calibration System,
  • Connectivity:
    • Wireless
      • Wi-Fi, 
      • Bluetooth, 
    • Wired:
      • Ethernet:  Standard RJ-45 Slot
      • USB – Update Only, 
  • In/Out Ports:
    • Integrated 4-to-1 HDMI Splitter, 
    • 4 x HDMI inputs, including  1 x HDCP 2.2
    • 1 x ARC HDMI Output,  
    • AUX 1: 2 x RCA Inputs
    • AUX 2: 1 X RCA Input, 
    • 2 x Optical Ports,
    • Infra-Red Extender: 1 x Input / 1 x Output,
  • Stand-By Power Consumption:
    • 1.6 Watt,
  • Dimensions:
    • Without Wall Stands:
      • 43.25 x 8.38 x 3.63 inches, 
      • 110.0 x 21.2 x 9.3 cm, 
    • With Wall Stands:
      • 43.25 x 8.5 x 4.75 inches,
      • 110.0 x 21.6 x 12.2 cm;
  • Weight: 
    • 25.8 lbs.
    • 11.7 kg,
  • Full-Tech Specifications: 

3D Sound:

  The World First True 7.1.2 Channel Real 3D Sound projecting System is using 46 High-Fidelity Speakers. Each of them has associated a separate Noiseless Digital Amplifier and DSP DAC Stage for properly Time delay of the signal. Yes, there is no mistake – 46 separate amplifiers driven Hi-Fi neodymium Magnetic Speakers.

  This is the highest count of Speakers Ever used in a YSP Acoustic System.

  Yamaha Development Engineers and designers “vote of confidence” on a matrix principle.

  • The Center Matrix:

  The Center Matrix Array consists of 32 different, small size, very powerful and separately controlled speakers.

  • The Higher Audio Matrix:

  The Height channel audio playback is performed by 12 Speakers: Two matrix consists pair 6 speakers array, both for Left and Right End of the Soundbar Acoustic System.  

  • The Low-Frequency Subwoofer:

  The Lower Frequency Are Performed By two 4 1/2 inch Subwoofer Speakers.

  Many people will wonder and ask themselves, how is it possible to produce a Real 3D Sound from one single Unit Source?

  It Is Possible using the advanced DSP processing algorithms, as a product of many spent hours on the whiteboard in discussion and risky, but innovative decisions.

  The multichannel 3D realism is produced by sophisticated and self-learning algorithms maintained By Ultimate multichannel and multitask DSP engine. Each separate task (Channel Representing)  is Using the progressive time alignment subroutine. The end but not the least is room calibration of the system and defining the listener virtual center of Surround position – Each one from these parameters are fulfilled and basically calibrated with a system, named: Intelli-Beam.      


  Countless Function and configuration will saturate the most pretentious listener requirements.

Eco Design:

  Environment-Friendly Design with lower than 1.6 Watt in stand-by Mode. That means the double lower Idle consumption than the regular competitor’s environment-friendly designs.

PIC. 2  Yamaha YSP-5600 7.1.2 Soundbar – Under The Grill

Yamaha YSP-5600 Related Video:


VIDEO 1. Yamaha YSP-5600 7.1.2 Soundbar

Don’t Stop To Reinvent The Music, Dear Audio Enthusiasts! 

{Source: YAMAHA}

Site: Yamaha.com



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