Learning Guide for PCBs – Part #1: How to make

  Learning Guide for PCBs – Part #1: How to make

  Today we will present you Video Learning Guide, where Step-By-Step will be described: How to make a Printed Circuit Board.

  Nowadays technical revolution and the enormous growth of the electronics with tons of successful hardware designs haven’t been possible without this significant detail inside: The Printed Circuit Board – or simple: “PCB”.

  This is just like a Modern Magic – The Electrical Schematic from a screen to become a real Working Hardware.

  PCB Definition & Purpose Single or Multi-layer, conductor/dielectric Structure with flat conductive tracks for interconnecting the components in Electronics.  

  We assume that for a great part of you, dear our readers, this guide will be interesting and gives a completely new knowledge and high level of understanding the PCB’s inner structures and benefits in its “atomic” if you want, little but valuable details.


VIDEO 1.  How to Make a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) – Step By Step Guide

Video Guide Duration:  12:07 minutes

Video 1. Contents:

0:24sec. … 0:31sec.   Single Sided PCB Overview

0:32sec. … 0:39sec.   Double Sided PCB Overview

0:40sec. … 0:59sec.  Multi-Layer PCB Overview

1:00min. … 1:17min.  Multi-layer PCB Fabrication: The process begins with choosing the inner layer core. The laminate material cores can have 5 to 38 mils / 0.005-inch to  0.038-inch thickness. The count of layers depends on the hardware design requirements.    

1:18min. … 2:39 min.  Dry-Film Resist Coating: Layer-By-Layer, all Conductive layers are coated with Dry-film Resist, and after that, applying the heat and pressure to the conductive surface is created UV- sensitive photo Coating.

  Postprocess: Using the  Gerber export files As a post-process part of CAM development System, e.g. Altium Designer, Layer-By-Layer, the wished tracks are materialized on a first level, represented as Black lines into the Real Print-Film.

  Alignment: The Film’s Zero Point is positioning on the PCB Origin point, guarantees the perfect alignment, before exposing the UV-Light through the Film in-front-of the UV-Sensitive Resist Coating over the PCB Conductive Layer.  Every layer has its unique structure depending to Internal Signal Layer, Internal Ground Layer or representing an External Signal Layer.

 The Inner Layers film is created to represent the tracks as Negative.

 The Outer Layers film is created to represent the tracks as Positive.

2:40min. …  3:16min.  Image Expose: 

  After passing the Film and PCB, the next stage of the manufacturing is Image Exposing:

  High-intensity UV Light is applied for the exactly defined time of exposition. The UV-Light is coming through the clear film areas in photo-sensitive resist coating and changes its structure. After Next The chemical process cleans the UV-exposed or destructed resist, keeping covered the wished tracks positions. 

3:17min. … 3:51min.  The Next Stages are Inner Layer Etch and Resist Stripping.

3:52min. … 4:09min.  Automated Optical Inspection:  The Inner Layers Are Visually checked, to prevent any future problems in next stages of PCB manufacturing.

4:10min. … 4:28min.  Oxide Coating.

4:29min. … 4:30min.  Multilayer Construction:

  The Main ingredients are the Metal Foil, PrePreg: Pre-impregnated bonding and Inner layers dielectric. The Foil, The Prepreg is the sticking part – The glue holding the cores together. The Inner layers dielectric is commonly FR-4 glass cloth, impregnated or resinated with dual component epoxy glue.

 5:31min. … 5:52min.  Laminated Panels

5:53min. … 6.13min.  Primary or first Drill

6:14min. … 6:51min.  Deburr

6:52min. … 7:31min.  Electroless Copper Deposition

7:32min. … 7:51min.  Outer Layer expose and Develop

7.52min. … 8:11min.  Copper Pattern plate

8.12min. … 8.27min.  TIN plating 

8:28min. … 8:49min.  Resist strip

8:50min. …  9:05min.  Etching

9:06min. … 9:16min.  TIN Strip

9:17min. … 9:36min.  Clean And preparing The Solder mask

9:37min. … 9:49min.  LPI Solder Mask Application

9:50min. … 10:14min.  Solder Mask Cure

10:15min. …  10:32min. Silkscreen 

10:33min. Hot Air Solder Leveling – HASL


  To read the guide in a PDF Format, follow the link below:

PCB Learning Guide in PDF – 44 pages.

  Special Thanks to Electronics And You for this Learning Video Tutorial

{Source: Advanced Circuits Inc.}

Don’t Stop To Reinvent Yourself, Dear Hardware Enthusiasts!



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