Ninja Inferno: HDR 4K Monitor & Recorder By Atomos

 Ninja Inferno HDR 4K Monitor & Recorder By Atomos

 Today we will talk about newly announced Atomos’ Professional External Monitor/Recorder.

 If you want to capture in a maximal possible nowadays resolution on the market: 4K60p 10-bit Pro-Res & DNxHR, the next product is exactly for you. 

Ninja Inferno HDR 4K – Main Features:

  • Record 4k progressive 60fps to Apple ProRes or AVid DNxHR,
  • 4K 60fps 4:2:2 10 bit support,
  • 7″, Ultra-bright 1500-nit daylight comfortably viewable screen, 
  • Add recording and monitoring to any HDMI supporting device,
  • Monitor logging in High Dynamic Range on the 7-inch calibrated screen,
  • XLR Stereo Audio inputs with phantom powering,
  • Rugged and Rubbered Body Construction,
  • Dual Hot Swappable External Batteries Design.

Ninja Inferno HDR Related Video:

VIDEO 1.  Ninja Inferno HDR 4K 60FPS Progressive Scan Monitor Recorder By Atomos


   Used with your supporting 4096 DCI Standard Pro Cinema Cameras like well-known models as Panasonic {GH5, HCX1, HCX1000, DVX200}, SONY {PXWZ100, FS7}, JVC LS300 or similar, bypassing all their internal hardware limitations and unlock full Sensor capabilities: Log in 4Kp60 fulfilling the recommendation REC.709 gamut with HDR 4:2:2 up to 10-bit for APPLE ProRes and Avid DNxHR.


Professional AUDIO:

  Ninja Inferno can help you abstracting from any hardware limitation in your Camera’s Audio Recording Options.

  You Can effortless recording up to 8-channel with brilliant quality & gorgeous dynamic range with an astonishing resolution of 24-bits for every channel. All necessary is to have an embedded HDMI 2.0 Source.

  For completeness, The Atomos’ Specialists are provided XLR Audio stereo inputs with 48Volts below pairs for Phantom Powering the external analog audio microphones.  

Body Construction: 

  As you already know from the latest Atomos’ Products, The Manufacturer’s engineers and designers were paid a special attention and they Create ultra-rugged device. You could see the solid bolded corners, more specifically, the integrated rubber bumpers.

  This “warrior” is ready to battle on the field.

PIC. 2  Left Side: 2.5-inch size Form-factor SDD Inserting slot,

On the Bottom: Power jack input,

Right Side: Two External Batteries Slots 

Ninja Inferno HDR Additional Features:

  • HDMI 2.0 – Input x 1,
  • HDMI 2.0 – Output x 1, 
  • Dual External Batteries Design, 
  • AtomOS: Highly Intelligent Operating System; 
  • Easy converting in-system AtomOS Log file to PQ or HLG, 
  • 2.5-inches SSD Size Form-Factor Mass Storage Support,
  • XML Tagging for the Favorite Collation,
  • Simple Playlist Generation.

   All monitors, even Pro ones have a drift of their color through the time. That is the reason to Calibrate them for accurately representing the colors:

   The Atomos Specialists are partnering calibration leader X-Rite and recommended to use the i1DisplayPro calibrator for calibrating the Ninja Inferno.

Other Atomos Monitors – Product Brochure:


ATOMOS Ninja Inferno 4K 60p HDR:

{Source Atomos}


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