Listen Better With All-New TV PLAYBASE By Sonos

  Listen Better with All-New TV PLAYBASE By SONOS

  These days Sonos Announced their All-new Soundbase.

  Let we present: SONOS PLAYBASE: The Amazing TV SoundBase By SONOS

  Even the first sight of PLAYBASE impresses with its massive & slim design, developed to ” bear burdens “.  

  According to a technical specification, SONOS PLAYBASE easily can support up to 77 lb / 35 kg weighing TVs.


PIC. 1  SONOS TV carrying Playbase: The Ultimate Listening Experience

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 Sonos Acoustic TV PLAYBASE – Key Features:

  • Extraordinary Powerful, Strong and Slim Design, 
  • 10 x Discrete Digital Class-D Power Amplifier Stages,
  • Drivers:
    • Low-frequency: Subwoofer, 
    • Middle-Range: 6 x Middle Range Speakers,
    • High-frequency: 3 x Tweeters,
  • Touch-interface controls:
    • Up, Down,
    • Play, Pause, 
    • Previous, Next,
  • LED Indicators:
    • System Connection and Audio On/Mute Status, 
  • Speech Enhancement Mode,
  • Night Sound Mode,
  • True-Play Setup Mode,
  • Sound Control:
    • Bass,
    • Treble, 
    • Loudness,
  • DOLBY DIGITAL and Stereo Playback Support, 
  • Optical Connectivity Support,  
  • Autoplay Mode: Choosing the playback Audio Source Automatically,
  • Two Color Options: White, Black,
  • Ethernet port: Standard RJ-45 style connector,
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g connectivity and streaming support, 
  • Apple Music and Spotify compatible device,
  • Smartphone Control By Free SONOS application,
  • System requirements:
    • TV with an optical audio output,
    • Broadband Internet connectivity,
    • Free Sonos Controller Application,
  • Reliable Support TVs weighing:
    • 77lbs,
    • 35kg,
  • Power supply:
    • Wide Input:  100-240 V, 50-60 Hz AC universal input.
  • Dimensions {H x W x D}:
    • 2.28″ x 28.35″ x 14.96″ – inches,
    • 5.8 x 72.0 x 38.0 cm,
  • Weight:
    • 18.85 lbs,
    • 8.6 kg.

See in the Package:

  • SONOS PLAYBASE – 1 pcs.,
  • AC Power Cable Cord – 1 pcs.,
  • Ethernet cable – 1 pcs.,
  • Optical Audio cable – 1 pcs.,
  • Quickstart User’s Guide – 1 pcs.,
  • Warranty Card – 1 pcs.,




  The Sound: Like an extraordinary journey

  The PLAYBASE will amaze you and your friends with an Extraordinary deep, noisy-free, fulfilling Audio Experience.

  Once attaching the optical cable to your TV, the noisy-free sound will be delivered independently who the source is selected DLNA Streaming HDMI Stick, Blu-ray player, Digital Broadcast Set top box or Gaming Console.

  You can see many valuable niceties into the VIDEO 1. The Making of SONOS PLAYBASE.

  The valuable parts of the device’s designing process: 

  • PLAYBASE Massive Body Enclosure Construction: From the white drawing board to the production stage.  
  • Development, Calculation, and Experimentation with different Acoustic techniques,
  • Subwoofer snake looking Bass-Reflex pipe,
  • All cable Foam Plastic “noiseless” Covering,
  • Right Blocking the Acoustic shortening effect,
  • Tweeter and Middle “stuffing”.

  You also can see all Glue Fixed Electrolytic Capacitors and use the Noise-insulating techniques.   

  The Grill: Different Hole’s Size Diameters

  The precise proofing grill has countless holes with a different hole diameter – Both Right and left sides – 0.7mm. Magically influencing rounded corners – from 0.75mm to 0.85mm. The front side holes are with 0.9mm hole size diameter.  

  PIC. 2  SONOS PLAYBASE – View Inside

 Don’t Stop To Improve Your Audio Experience, Dear Audio Enthusiasts!



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