Weller FlowinSmart®: The Other Name Of The Automatic Solder Feeder

 WTSF80, WTSF120, WXSF120 Weller® FlowinSmart® or the other name of automatic solder feeder.

  Today’s topic will be connected to an improvement of Soldering, using attractive and new technic.

  Even a skillful people, not once, are falling into a trouble and are thinking there is necessary of more hands to do some complicated works.

  Soldering is one of these works, where in most cases the regular quantity of human hands isn’t enough. With one hand You are holding the Wires or IC with tweezers, With another hand, you are transporting the heat with the soldering iron. With The third hand, you are applying soldering TIN into the junction to create soldering joint. Oops?!? The calculations are wrong. The Humans have only two hands.

  Imagine you need to solder two copper parts in a narrow place where you can not use anything else than tweezers. One your Hand is holding mechanically the soldered objects, e.g. wires. Another Your hand quickly applies the soldering alloy to the Iron TIP, and with a fast movement create a soldering. But, this scenario is not so Simple, and in some cases, it hides a danger. When You are applying the TIN over the heated Soldering Iron’s TIP, the internal flux immediately volatiles – which is pointing, that the soldering created a second or more after that will be with a compromised quality. 

 Next Bad thing is a probability of the solder tearing down, which is very dangerous for your eyes, face or other parts of your body.

 Advice: Please work smart and every time well equipped!

 Not to sound all these things so serious, The well-known and Emblematic Firm Weller is Found the decision Automatic Solder Feeding System – allowing You, even a single-Hand Soldering operation. 

 Another noble application of Weller’s flowinSmart® System is providing an employment for disadvantaged people. 


PIC. 1 Weller® FlowinSmart® WTSF80

  Weller 80Watt WTSF80 Soldering Iron with a Smart Solder Feeder & Control Unit:




VIDEO 1.   WTSF80, WTSF120, WXSF120 Automatic solder feeder by Weller


Weller 120Watt WTSF120 Soldering Iron with a Smart Solder Feeder & Control Unit:


PIC. 2  Weller® FlowinSmart® WTSF120: Solder feed controlling unit and 120 Watt Soldering Iron

Weller 120Watt WXSF120 Soldering Iron with a Smart Solder Feeder & Control Unit:




PIC. 3  Weller® FlowinSmart® WXSF120: Solder feed controlling unit and 120 Watt Soldering Iron



PIC. 4  Overview the Weller FlowinSmart® Solder Feed System



Don’t Stop To Reinvent YourSelf, Dear Hardware Enthusiasts! 



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