Learning Tutorial: How a CPU is Made

   Learning Tutorial: How a CPU is Made

  Today’s Topic will be connected with a developing the Central Processor Unit or you will learn, How a CPU is Made.

  We present you three video tutorials.

  How a CPU is Made – CPU Manufacturing.

  Let’s start our journey in clean Rooms in a Semiconductor’s Industry.


VIDEO 1.  How a CPU is Made

VIDEO 1. Content:

 0:30 sec.  – 0:54 sec.  See the clean room, where, hidden from our eyes the linear experts are working in the nano-cosmos of the atom.

 0:55 sec. – 1:22 min. Everything starts with an electrical schematic. Many collaborated in teams Hardware Engineers are suggesting their different solutions and realization of a certain problem to one – highly-Sophisticated Schematic.

 1:23 min. – 2:09 min. Start the Manufacturing process – The Quartz Sand:  Yes, as trite as it sounds, The Chips are made from the Quartz Sand product – Silicon Wafers. They are thin slices from Huge Silicon Monocrystal.

 2:10 min. – 2:45 min. Dust – the main enemy of Silicon crystal manufacturing. See the GlobalFoundries’ factory Dust-Free Clean Rooms entering preparation.  The clean is everything!The only way to be possible a creation of Silicium chips. The workers are wearing the vacuum cleaned clothing – the Gloves, The shoes, the Hats & Masks and the body clothing equipment.

 2:46 min. – 3:23 min. Silicon Wafers: The Silicon Wafers have been supplied into the Fabric in completely Dust-Free containers. Each medically sealed Container consists 25 Silicon wafers. After they are attached to the conveyor system, the wafers begin their long journey into the Clean Room of the Fabric.

 3:24 min. -3:51 min.  The Photo-lithographic technology allows the schematics to be imported into the wafers – exposing, just like a slide projection. Behind all Photo-lithographic processes, the key role has – the Light.

 3:52 min. – 4:06 min.  The Light. The Silicon wafers Photo-Sensitive Resist is applied, using the Centrifugal covering principle. Applying the small volume of liquid photoresist on a center of a Rotating Silicon disk, the “Centrifugal” forces are covering whole Silicon wafer’s surface with a perfect & thin layer.

 4:07 min. – 4:44 min. Specially developed layer-by-layer photo films and UV-light exposure, make possible creating of this Virtually impossible device – CPU.  UV- Exposed part of photoresist is destructured and can be removed by a chemical way from the developers. The Result is a structure, which can be used as a template. The unprotected area is etched by chemistry way.

 4:57 min. – 6:57 min.  After the photolithography processing, the Silicon wafers’ Next stage is the ion-implantation routine. This is the place where are created all needs transistor’s and resistor’s Chip structures with all their requirements and precisely managed parameters. 

 Semiconductors can Adopt the atoms and change their structures. Using the high-temperature processing the ionic implantation process easily can be created (N: Negative) or (P: Positive) or (N+, P+: Low Resistance Conductor) or (P-: Substrate & Backplane Protection) layers or zones, for constructing the semiconductor devices just Like “The Famous TETRIS Game”.

 Structure over the Structure, Layer-By-Layer this multi-layer production scenario grow the schematic into the silicon crystal.   

 6:58 min. – 7:22 min. Water:  The Water is so important in Semiconductor Mastering process. Between different stages, all small particles as a result of the technology’s process are cleaned up via the distilled and ionic-clean water.

 7:23 min. -10:15 min.  The Next Process is to be created the copper’s interconnections. Using the salt and galvanic process, all structures are copper covered. Using the mechanical polishing principle, the extra copper is removed.

  Using the electronic microscopes, the supervising specialists from the world leading GlobalFoundries’ factory are monitoring all stages of CPU Chip manufacturing process. Seeing on an atomic level, the transistor’s structures can be classified as good or not of just checked.

 For comprehensiveness, we are selecting for you two additional tutorial videos:

VIDEO 2. How a CPU is Made Microchips Animation

VIDEO 3. How It’s Made – Microprocessors



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