ASUS Zen AIO Pro Z240-C4: All-in-one 23.8-inch 4K CAD & Gaming PC

 ASUS Zen AIO Pro Z240-C4: All-in-one 23.8-inch 4K CAD & Gaming PC.

  Today, we are going to talk about All-in-one PC Systems.

  Independently, your hardware laboratory needs a new supplement or PC update, we are selecting actual & Powerful All-in-one PC, suitable for all-day working, Enough powerful to ensure smooth Last CAM/CAD application, even, gaming.

The Research

Basic Requirements:

  • Display Size:

  It is our opinion, that the suitable display diagonal size for All-Day Work with the Office applications, CAD/CAM Development Systems, MCU firmware & Visual Programming, or just Gaming for a relax, lays in a range { 21 – 27 } inch.

  The Ideal, Preferable, and Optimal – the Golden Size is Class 24-inch Diagonal of screen size Display.

  • Processor:
    • INTEL i7 Quad Core Processor, 2.6GHz – 3.6GHz,
  • Memory:
    • 8GB RAM,
  • HDD/SDD:
    • Both or Hybrid, min 1TB,
  • Wireless Connectivity:
    • Bluetooth 4.0,
    • Wi-Fi, 
  • Camera:
    • Built-in, min 2Mpixel,
  • Operation System
    • Microsoft Windows 10, 


  Let we present a wonderful choice: In Style & Metal, The Amazing – ASUS Zen All-in-One Pro Z240-C4.

PIC. 1  The Inspiring ASUS Zen AIO Pro Z240-C4

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ASUS Zen AIO Pro Z240-C4 – Key Features:

Model number:

  • Asus Zen AIO Pro Z240-C4,

Color Name: 

  • Icicle Gold,

PC type:

  • AIO (All-in-One),

Display Main Parameters: 

  • Size: 23.8 inches diagonal of a viewable area, Class 24-inch.
  • Resolution: 4K, UHD / Ultra High-Definition (3840 x 2160),
  • Additional Extras: 10 fingers multi-touch support, 

Processor Parameters:

  • Intel Core i7-6700T,
  • Working Frequency: at 2.80 GHz,
  • Turbo Boost Technology reaches up to 3.60 GHz,

Memory Parameters:

  • Size: 8GB,
  • Type: DDR4,
  • Bus Frequency: 2133 MHz.


  • Hard driveType: Hybrid SSHD,
  • Size: 1TB,
  • Speed: RPM 5400,

Media Drive:

  • 2-in-1 Card Reader,
  • SD, MMC Cards Support,

Video Support:

  • Dual Video Card Support:  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M with 2GB graphics memory,
  • Energy green compatibility: Built-in low power consumed Intel HD Graphics 530,

Audio Support:

  • SonicMaster Premium,
  • Subwoofer,

Operating system:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Home,
  • Version: 64-bit,

I/O Ports:

  • 1 x USB V3.1 Type-C,
  • 4 x USB V3.0,
  • 1 x USB V2.0,
  • Ethernet (10Mbit, 100Mbit, 1Gb) – LAN Standard: RJ-45,
  • 2 x HDMI out,
  • 1 x Headphone output, 
  • 1 x Microphone input.

System locking Feature:

  • 1 x Kensington lock slot,

Wireless Connectivity:

  • Wi-Fi Wireless LAN 802.11a/b/g/n/ac,
  • Bluetooth:  V4.0, 


  • Built-in: RealSense 3D camera, 
  • Manufacturer: Intel,
  • Full Name: Intel RealSense 3D,


  • 23.03 x 17.08 x 2.04-7.48  inch,
  • 58.50 x 43.40 x 5.20-19.00 cm,


  • 16.10 lbs,
  • 7.30 kg.

Additional Accessories:

  • AIO Zen Pro System includes wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • Keyboard buttons move – 1.7 mm.


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