LCR PRO1: Smart LCR Tweezers By LCR Research

   LCR PRO1: Smart LCR Tweezers By LCR Research

  0.1-0.2 % Percent precision, 5 Digit Resolution Professional  LCR Metering Tweezers By LCR Research

  The Smart Tweezers’ markets have been updated with a new competitor.

  We Present you, the all-new Professional Measuring Smart LCR Tweezers By LCR Research

  The LCR Pro1 Manufacturer would like people to trust their hardware:

  Let’s see the key benefits of this new hardware measuring device: 

PIC. 1  LCR Pro1- The Main Clue of Its Success is a highly informative, 0.96-inch 128 x 64 pixel OLED Display

Trust in the LCR Pro1 Measurements

  LCR Pro1 integrates two shielded 4-wire test probes, ending with Replaceable Gold-Plated Tips and an LCR measuring device into a single, ultra-compact, battery-powered, professional measuring tool.

  This portable device provides an efficient solution for measuring SMD components and making in-circuit debugging.

 LCR Pro1 – Key Features:

  • Fully automatic or manual selection,
  • Basic Accuracy:
    • R: [0.1%] ,
    • C: [0.2%], 
    • L: [0.2%],
  • Measurement Ranges:
    • R: [25mΩ – 10MΩ],
    • C: [10nH – 1H],
    • L: [0.25pF – 1mF], 
  • Multiple measurement functions
    • Basic: R, C, L,
    • Scientific: Z, ESR, DCR, D, Q, θ,
    • PN-Junction/Diode Auto Measurement – Auto Polarity Detection, 
  • Super High-Conductive, Low-Resistance,  Gold Plated, thin and precise test tips – Suitable to catch even 01005 Size SMD components (0.4 x 0.2mm).
  • Automated component identification and test parameter selection
  • Test Frequencies:
    • 100Hz,
    • 120Hz,
    • 1kHz,
    • 10kHz,
    • 100kHz,
  • Test Voltages:
    • 0.2Vrms,
    • 0.5Vrms,
    • 1.0Vrms.
  • Large 0.96-inch, High-Contrast OLED display, 128 x 64 pixels,
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery,
  • USB slot for PC Communication and Battery Charging, 
  • LCR Link1 – {sold separately}: PC remote control for programming and data logging,
  • All Device comes calibrated with certificate included,
  • Dimensions: 5.9 x 0.8 x 5.9 inches,
  • Weight: 1.1 ounces.

Non-Mismatching Test Voltages:

  The test voltage can be selected from 0.2Vrms to 1.0Vrms. Low 0.2Vrms testing voltage is specially designed for in-circuit debugging, preventing PN-Junction or NN+ Schottky junction to add false conductivity during a measurement.

Ultra-Precise, Galvanic, 24-Carat Gold Plated Tips:

  The gold-plated tips are precisely prepared. You can use them to pick up and measure SMD components reliably.

  The parts down to sizes of 01005 (0.4 x 0.2mm) are supported.

0.96-inch OLED Display:

   Smart Tweezers LCR Pro1 comes with a 0.96″ OLED display with 128 x 64 pixels.

Higher Accuracy:

 LCR Pro1 has been developed to provides а high-end desktop LCR meters high accuracy.

  It has a basic accuracy of 0.1% for resistance and 0.2% for capacitance & inductance with 5-digit resolution.

  The test frequency can be chosen from 5 selected by 100Hz to 100kHz.

  High frequency is suitable for low inductance measurements – bellow 1uH.


  If You want to check life status or measure the parameters of LED junction Illumination or general Silicone, Germanium or Schottky diode, e.g. the voltage drop over listed test current patterns, the polarity, etc…, take a look the newest LCR Pro1 successor.

  A little bit more expensive newer variant of LCR meter: LCR Pro1 Plus, you will get one all-new and very useful function: LED & GP Diode Tester and Metering. 

LCR Pro1 Plus:

Never Stop To USE Professional Measuring Tools, Dear Future Hardware Professionals!



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