900W Boost DC/DC Converting Module By DROK

  Programmable Numerical Control Regulator Boost DC/DC Converting Module By DROK

  Programmable Power Supplies aren’t the rarity. They have relatively high price as a complete product. 

  With a Today’s topic, we would like to awake the DIY interest in out hobbyists readers.

  In many cases, the most suitable from DIY Point of view Side is open framed, Enclosure Free, flexibly controlled hardware.

   We are found for you a device with a massive power response: Up to 900Watts,  Up to 15A.   Cooled by fan This awesome hardware, is exactly for DIY spheres of the wind and solar applications.

  Let’s present: The Numerical Control Regulator  DC {8-60V} to DC {10-120V}, 15A, Boost DC/DC Converter By DROK

PIC. 1   DROK  DC 8-60V to 10-120V / 15A Constant Step Up – Boost Power Supply Module with LED Display

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DROK 900W Boost DC/DC Converting Module – Key Features:

  • 900Watt  Numerical control  Open-Frame Converting Module,
  • Using BOOST / STEP-UP  DC/DC Conversion Principle, 
  • Built-in MCU Controlling  Unit, 
  • 4 Functional-Buttons for adjust Constant Current- CC, Constant Voltage – CV Boost / Step-UP,
  • 3 Indicator LEDs for easy reading the module states: OUT, CC, CV,
  • Information, 4-Digit, 7-Segment, High Brightness, RED color LED Display,
  • Output Power {max.}: 900Watts,
  • Input Voltage Range: DC {8V – 60V},
  • Adjustable Output Voltage Range: DC {10V – 120V},
  • Output Current {max.}: Up to 15 Ampers, 
  • Active Cooling: Ribbed Aluminium Alloy Heatsink with a cooling fan.
  • Typical Applications:
    • Solar Charging Designs
    • Using Wind power DC Generator Conversion,
    • Variety of Step-Up Application for powering devices: e.g. Powering your Laptop from Single 12V Lead Acid Car Battery 
  • Dimensions: 7.4 x 5.7 x 2.5 inches, 
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces.

High Brightness 4-Digit LED Display can visualize output voltage, output current, even output power, etc.

DROK 900W Boost Converter have two modes of work:

Simple Mode – set By Default.

  After setting the Voltage and current values, pressing “OK”.  the module will enable its output.

  Using  UP – “↑” or Down – “↓” buttons can increase or decrease the Converter’s selected Output Value.

  Short pressing “OK” Button will switch between Voltage and Current display.

  The Long pressing for about 3 seconds will toggle – turn on/off the function of displaying Volts or Amperes.

Functional mode:  DROK 900W Module has three special functions in Functional Mode:

  • 1.) The output starts automatically when the boost converting device is powered on,
  • 2.) Save and call-out the parameters – displaying output power and capacity,
  • 3.) Take turns to show the parameters after you enabling the output.

PIC. 2   4-Digit 7-Segment LED Display with a Decimal Point,

Functional Buttons: [ SET, UP, DOWN, O.K. ],

Input & Output – Screw Type Connectors


PIC. 3  Highly Integrated DC/DC Boost Module with 7-Seg. LED Display – in Action


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Don’t Allow The Boredom To Absorb You, Dear Young Hardware Specialists!




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