Tutorial: Professional SMT Soldering “Hand Soldering Techniques & Surface Mount Fine-Pitch”

 Tutorial: How To Enrich Your Soldering Skills – “Hand Soldering Techniques & Surface Mount Fine-Pitch”

  In a pursuing of our main mission, to help the hobbyists and people who want to improve their hardware related to become premium professional skills, we are presenting two tutorial videos.

  They both are related to the hand soldering techniques and represented the ultimate, high-professionally – The master level of soldering skill examples.

  The Demonstrating soldering techniques professionals are Both IPC certified.

  Let we together see the videos.

  VIDEO 1.  Professional SMT Soldering: Hand Soldering Techniques – Surface Mount.


VIDEO 1.  Professional SMT Soldering: Hand Soldering Techniques – Surface Mount

Thanks to STC Soldering Training & Certification® and John Gammell, Certified IPC®Trainer

  • 0:15 sec. – 0:22 sec.  Hardware Equipment – HAKKO FM-203 Soldering Station.
  • 0:23 sec. – 0:32 sec.  Soldering Iron’s TIP Selection – HAKKO Soldering Tip, Bevel: T15-CF3.

  Multi-Lead Techniques: The Flat Cut of soldering TIP provides caching significant quantity of tin on the heated TIP surface, perfectly suitable for soldering the Multi-Lead, fine-pitch Integral circuits.

  • 0:33 sec. – 0:37 sec.  The PCB Pads are carefully cleaned from any contaminants using Isopropyl Alcohol.
  • 0:38 sec. – 0:50 sec.  The HAKKO TIP surface tin melting and gently cleaning.
  • 0:51 sec. – 1:07min.  Carefully fix via soldering the four corners of the soldered IC. , after that, with a sliding movement, pressing with the minimal pressure the tin, soldering two-by-two, in pairs IC leads.
  • 1:08 min – 1:18 min.  Cleaning with a brush and isopropyl Alcohol followed by using the brush over the blotting paper (Kimwipes),
  • 1:19 min. – 1: 29 min.  The Next is Demonstrating the “Point-to-Point” Basic technique.   
  • 1:30 min. – 1:54 min.   Soldering Fine-Pitch 160-lead Chip. It is fixed with “Kapton tape”, while are soldering in a pairs for a mechanical stability on four its corners. Now is Using the mixture of flux and tin powder – Soldering Paste. It allows immediately TIN retreating after applying the heated TIP. 
  • 1:55 min. – 2:22 min.   Applying the thin track of flux over the IC leads. Demonstrator Melt “small” amount of TIN over the TIP Surface. After that, you will see the magic, Legendary! Soldering in one-pass the whole 40-leads line. Cleaning with a brush and isopropyl Alcohol followed by using the brush over the blotting paper (Kimwipes). 
  • See the Gallery:  
  • 2:50 min. – 3:02 min.  Especially point your attention and see the Fillets: “Heel Fillet”, “Side Fillet”, and “Toe Fillet”


All Hand Solderings are performed on CIT IPC Class 3 Standard.


 Enjoy The Next Video. 

 VIDEO 2.   Master Soldering: Surface Mount Fine-Pitch

VIDEO 2.   Master Soldering: Surface Mount Fine-Pitch – Highly Recommended

Thanks to STC Soldering Training & Certification®

   In the VIDEO 2. is Demonstrating already described Fine-Pitch Surface Mount IC Soldering techniques. 

  • The carefully PCB Pads Cleaning and Preparing.
  • The Flux applying.
  • The IC positioning.
  • Fixing the IC’s four corners.
  • TIN applying over the TIP surface.
  • One-pass whole line soldering. 
  • The Cleaning process of already soldered leads from flux, followed by the Visual inspection has a great importance and completes the soldering process.


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PIC. 4  MG Chemicals Flux Paste

1 Mil  Kapton Tape (Polyimide) – 1″ x 36 yds:

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