800-Lumen Microwave Sensor Outdoor Waterproof Solar Light By Bensnail

  800-Lumen Microwave Sensor Waterproof Solar Lights Outdoor By Bensnail

  All-New 2017 Year Model

  Wall mounted Style Outdoor Lights are the “fashion”, which is bringing warmth to each house. That can be the centrally powered devices, which is difficult, wiring efforts connected.

  Many modern, innovative, and well-accepted are individually managed devices, daily charged by “free” solar energy, returning the accumulated energy as light emission in the dark part of day and night.

  Using many modern technologies illuminating devices are often providing additional functionality for detecting human movement and turn on the Light Source as a response.

  All aluminum alloy “TOBLERONE” like body construction with a large and powerful solar power.

  Let us point the main features:

 Bensnail Microwave Outdoor Solar Light – Key Features:

  • 800 lumen Neutral White 48 LEDs Light Source, 
  • 3000 mAh, 3.2V, LiFePO4 – Ultimate All Season Power,
  • 5 Years Lifespan of Battery,
  • 5 hours in best light conditions are enough to fully charge the system, 
  • Wide Working Temperature Range: { -35°C ~ + 50°C },
  • Monocrystalline silicon solar panels with a larger surface and improved performance,
  • LASCS Radar Motion Sensor – 10 m Detecting Range, 
  • Each Lamp can provide about 50 sq.m lighting area,
  • Solid Aluminium-Alloy Construction,
  • Stainless Steel Finish,
  • Dimensions: 9.1″ x 3.9″ x 3.1″ – inches,
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds / 0.635 kg.

PIC. 1  48 LEDs and Aluminium Body 

  Now, we are including some aroma and color in our explanation and let to be heard the voice of competitors. And not only, let they are the user choice: The Bestsellers:

  The Litom Driveway of Outdoor Wall mounted lamps are different by other similar market products.  

Litom Driveway Outdoor Lights – Key Features:

  • Innovative wide angle covering (about 270 degrees), by means of Additional side-PCB with 3LEDs, gently extending the lighted area,
  • Built-in PIR Motion sensor detects any motion from up to 26 feet,
  • The Solar Lamp lasts for 8-10 hours in continuous light mode if is fully charged.
  • Switch Selectable Three Optional Modes: The User can choose between three different light intensity modes:
    • Full-On Mode,
    • Dimmed – Reduced Light Mode – When The Human or pet is in a range, the Lamp is passing into the Full-on mode,
    • Motion Detector Only Mode.
  • Appropriate Installing Height: 5.6 feet – 6.6 feet,

PIC. 2  Litom 8 LEDs Variant


PIC. 3  Litom 24 LEDs Variant

Litom 24 LEDs Outdoor Motion Sensor 235 lm Solar Lights – 1 Pack:

Litom 24 LEDs Outdoor Motion Sensor 235 lm Solar Lights – 4 Pack – Variant: 

PIC. 4  Litom 54 LEDs Variant

Litom 54 LEDs Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Light 525 lm Power Light – 2 Pack – Variant:


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