HC-X1: 4K 60p UHD Professional Camcorder with 20x LEICA DICOMAR Lens By Panasonic

  HC-X1: 4K 60p UHD Professional Camcorder with 20x LEICA DICOMAR Lens By Panasonic 

  Let’s recall The newest Camcorder from Panasonic: HC-X1 4K Professional Camcorder.

   Designed for a professional Video recording, this camcorder will grab the photographer’s auditory with its compact and simultaneously fulfilled with extras body. All built-in Innovations and controls saturate completely the last professional and production requirements.

  The described Panasonic HC-X1 camcorder supports 4K 24p, UHD at 60 Frames & 50 frames progressive scanning, Full High Definition at 60 Frames & 50 frames progressive scanning, multi-format recording, and  HD – 720p super slow-motion ability. 

  This perfect compact photographer’s Assistant includes a lot of top-end professional grade features:

  Let’s see the list.

Panasonic HC-X1 – Key Features:

  • 4K 1.0-inch MOS SENSO:
    • ~ 9.46 megapixels in 4K 24p,
    • ~ 8.79 megapixels in UHD/FHD,
  • Lenses:
    • LEICA DICOMAR 4K Lens,
    • 24mm –  { f2.8 – f4.5 }, 
    • 20x Optical Zoom { 24-480mm }.
  • Image Stabilization:
    • Advanced Optical Image Stabilizer { 4K / Ultra HD / Full HD },
    • 5-Axis Hybrid O.I.S.  { Full HD },
  • Intelligent AF,
  • Manual Rings: Individual controlling rings for Focus, Zoom, and Iris adjustment.
  • 2 to 60 fps VFR: The Variable Frame Rate can be set in 10 steps, 
  • Video Formats Support:
    • 4K, Ultra HD, Full HD:  60fps / 50fps/ 25fps/ 24fps,
    • HD Super Slow-Motion: 120fps /100fps,
  • Dual Codec Recording Design:
    • 4K UHD/FHD Simultaneously recording on two SD cards.
  • 2-channel XLR Audio Input:
    • 16-bit linear PCM system (MOV/MP4),
    • Dolby Digital system (AVCHD),
  • OLED EVF: Built-in 1.769 Mpixel OLED display,
  • 3.5-inch, 1.152 Mpixel Sliding, Touch-Panel LCD Screen,
  • Minimum Illumination: 
  • ND Filters: 1/4, 1/16, 1/64.
  • Gain:  from -3 dB to 24 dB gain – {L,M,H},
  • AWB Selector:  A/B memory and presets: 3200, 5600, VAR.
  • HDMI Out: Up to 4K/24p , Ultra HD 60p/50p,
  • Multi-Format Recording – 4K, UHD, FHD, HD, SD:
    • QuickTime – MOV,  MP4 and AVCHD,
  • VIDEO/AUDIO Out: Analog Output signals.
  • Wired Remote Control, 
  • Wireless Remote Control,
  • User Switch, 
  • Dimensions: 7.68″ x 6.81″ x 13.6″ – inches   
  • Weight: 4.41 pounds / 2 kg.


PIC. 1   Panasonic HC-X1 – 4K Professional Camcorder

4K 1″ MOS Sensor: 

  Perfect for high-precision, high-speed 4K 24p, UHD 60p/50p recording:

  This Sensor has the “elegant” balance between its sensitivity and footage quality.

  • ~ 9.46 megapixels in 4K 24p,
  • ~ 8.79 megapixels in UHD/FHD, 
  • There are many possible recording formats:
    • 4K/24p frames progressive scan recording,
    • Ultra HD 60p / 50p frames progressive scan recording,
    • Full HD 60p /50p multi-format recording,
    • HD 120-fps (59.94Hz) super slow-motion recording,
    • HD 100-fps (50Hz) super slow-motion recording.


Intelligent Autofocus:

   Precise AF performance is provided by moving the Micro Drive Focus Unit slowly and quickly. Autofocus can be customized by adjusting its Speed and Sensitivity, and also the Area. This will guarantee the best accommodation of application or the subject type.

Hybrid Optical Image Stabilizer, working in 5 different Axis:

   The Camcorder’s Impressive hand-shake correction algorithm is using the combination between optical and electronic image stabilizations, especially in HD shooting modes. 

  The Result is obsessive: The different directional hand-shake, also and roll rotation, is caught and corrected.

Advanced O.I.S.

  Compared to the Panasonic AG-AC160A, the HC-X1’s correction area of O.I.S. has been expanded to approximately 9 times. The Basic advantage that provides powerful correction is virtuously improved small-amplitude hand-shakings with a non-tripod shooting. 


   The all-new ultra-performance LEICA DICOMAR 4K Lens delivers 24mm(¹) at the wide-angle setting with negligible distortions.

   The exact solution when you need to record in tight spaces.

(¹)35mm film equivalent at 4K 24p (aspect ratio 17:9),  25.4mm for UHD/FHD (aspect ratio 16:9).

Optical Zoom:

  The optical 20x zoom lens covers the range from 24mm wide-angle to 480mm telescopic. It allows zooming quickly from wide-angle to telescopic.

Driving Lens System:

  The Panasonic HC-X1 uses an emblematic 4-Drive Lens System. It can independently and simultaneously drive 4 lens groups, as follow:

  • Group 2 of lenses,
  • Iris Diaphragm,
  • Group 3 of lenses,
  • Group 4 of lenses.

   The sophisticated moving system effectively manipulates each Lens pair and group paths and ranges for optimal image quality and zoom power.

Dual Codec Recording:

  The Camcorder can record simultaneously in two different formats:

  • Primary: Ultra HD / Full HD,
  • Secondary: Full HD.

  The generated from the secondary FHD (8Mbps) SUB-type files can be used for Editing, user preview or live cellular retransmission.


Panasonic Customer Support

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