CPU Monkey’s Cool Gadget Collection #4: Camping & Solar Energy Chargers

 CPU Monkey’s Cool Gadget Collection #4: Camping & Solar Energy Chargers


  We asked Our Favorite friend CPU Monkey to check the Worldwide Market for Solar Charging Devices.

  The Task has two different solutions.

  1.) Unbuffered, Solar Powering Device:

  This means the charged devices can use the solar power if they are exposed direct sunlight:

  2.) Battery Bank Buffered Solar Powering Device:

  This means the sunlight power will charge the power Bank built-in battery pack when there is direct sunlight available.

  Any of these devices incorporate and MPPT feature, for optimal power extraction.

  Let’s see CPU Monkey’s finds:

#4.1:  Foldable Solar Panel (Power: 21-Watt) 

 PIC. 1  Anker 21W Solar Panel, 2-Port USB-A PowerIQ™ Universal PowerPort Charger

  Device Overview:

  The device which can transform the received sunlight energy to electrical current, charging two USB devices Simultaneously.

  Using PowerIQ™ technology, the built-in charger can use optimally the Sunlight irradiance energy to charge attached USB Smart devices.

  ANKER 21 W Panel/Charger – Key Features:

  • 21-Watt Solar Power,
  • Solar panel efficiency: 21.5 – 23.5%,
  • PowerIQ™ – Advanced Charging Technology,
  • PET polymer faced protective covering,
  • Industrial-Strength waterproof design,
  • Dual USB-A Charging Sockets, each can deliver up to 2.4A max or total 3A,
  • Compact, Lightweight, and, Foldable Design,
  • Two holes for Easily fixing over the hiking backpack,
  • Dimensions: 
    • Unfolded – {26.4″ × 11.1″ × 0.2″} inches,
    • Folded – {11.1″ × 6.3″ × 1.1″} inches,
  • Weight:
    • 14.7 oz,
    • 417 g,
  • Certification: 
    • FCC, CE, RoHS,

   PowerIQ™ Technology: Supporting unit sun charger discovers the Target Device Power requirements and provides same the original charger current parameters.

PIC. 2  2-Port USB-A PowerIQ™

#4.2:  Foldable Solar Panel (Power: 80-Watt)

PIC. 3  ALLPOWERS 80W Foldable Solar Panel

Device Overview:

  The device can receive the Sunlight energy for charging two USB devices Simultaneously.

ALLPOWERS 80W Foldable Solar Panel – Key Features:

  • Output#1  Charging USB port: (5V/2.7A) with iSolar Technology for charging smartphones, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Samsung, etc.
  • Output#2  DC18V/2.2A, Circular female, DC5521. All Green energy for charging Laptops – Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo Notebooks, etc.
  • Solar Panel: 22-25% Sunlight conversion efficiency.
  • High-efficient, powerful 80W Sunpower solar cells, made in the U.S.A., 
  • Simple Style: eyeholes enable easy attachment to backpacks while hiking; 
  • System includes:
    • 80W Foldable Solar Charger
    • 10 laptop connectors,
    • cigarette lighter plug
    • carabiners,
    • USB cables,
    • DC cable,
    • Manual Guide.
  • USB-A (-up to 2.7A): 5V for Smartphone, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Samsung,
  • Certification:
    • FCC, RoHS, CE,


#4.3:  Bioenno BSP28 – 28-Watt Foldable Solar Charger

PIC. 4  28-Watt Foldable Solar Charger – Bioenno BSP28

Bioenno Power BSP28 Foldable Solar Charger, USB and 15VDC output, 28 Watt

  • Fast Charging Technology:
    • Identify and detect attached 5V device, delivering a suitable current, up to 3A.
  • Ultimate solar conversion efficiency,
  • Outputs:
    • Output[1]: USB-A  Suitable for all 5V devices;
    • Output[2]: DC15V  DC Plug,
  • Anti-scratch technology,
  • Two Holes enable easy attachment to hiking’s backpacks;
  • System includes:
    • Foldable Bioenno Power BSP28 28W Solar Panel, 
    • DC cable.


Bioenno Power BSP28 Foldable Solar Charger, USB and 15VDC output, 28 Watt:

#4.4:  Bioenno POWER Pack 120W – LiFePO4

External Rechargeable Battery Bank – Bioenno POWER Pack 120W


PIC. 5  POWER Pack 120W – Front View

POWER Pack 120W – Key Features: 

  • Built-in Battery Parameters:  
    • Power: 120Wh,
    • Voltage: 12.8V {4 x 3.2V – 4S},
    • Capacity: 10Ah,
    • Technology: LiFePO4,
  • The one enormous benefit using such kind of batteries is their best performance in wide temperature range {-35°C ~ +55°C},
  • The regular Li-Ion Batteries are useless when the temperature reaches 0°C / 32°F,
  • Outputs:
    • 1 x USB-A connector,
    • 1 x 12V DC ,
    • 1 x 110V AC Outlet, 
  • Your mobile phone can be charged up to 23 times with single power pack charge, 
  • Built-In MPPT Solar Charge Controller, 
  • Integrated DC-AC 110V Inverter, 
  • Ultimate Battery Life: over 2000 cycles,
  • Dimensions: 
    • 8″ x 6.8″ x 2″ – inches,
    • 20.32 x 17.27 x 5.08 – cm,
  • Weight: 
    • 3.6 pounds,
    • 1.633 kg.

PIC. 6  POWER Pack 120W – Rear View

PIC. 7  POWER Pack 120W – Attached Accessories View

 Bioenno POWER Pack 120W – LiFePO4:


If You want to know how many power – Watt-hours are accepted from the SUN and Real-time Voltage – Current And Power Input, you have interested in next device:


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