Crimping: The Mechanical Cable Strippers And Crimping Tools

Crimping: The Mechanical Cable Strippers And Crimping Tools

  The professional workflow is dependent professional tools.

  Underestimate the skills, but without the right tools the work is impossible, this is like a playing the piano without … a piano.

  It would be wonderful if all beginning hobbyists are using all professional equipment.

  Of course, as you guess, in a common case it isn’t possible. They are starting with their parent’s old equipment, in case the parents have dealt with this.

  And, as we say words for parents, my father on who I owe the love to electronics, precise hands and eyes, also countless skills, for sorrow aren’t between us.

In Memoriam

My Father Was a Great Radio Amateur, Radio equipment constructor, more than Engineer with “Capital E” just like the hundreds of real engineers.

Part of His Projects:

Many Multi-band Radio Vacuum Tube, Hybrid, and Transistor only transceivers,

Countless concert receivers, many Searching Antenna Receivers,

Many Power Tube based, matched, up to 2 KW output Power Amplifiers,

also Semiconductor PA Amplifiers – Up to 0.5 kW with full un-matching (high SWR) output protection,

Antenna matching devices, Metal Detectors, Dental Health related  Improvements and patents,

Metal Detectors, Dental Health related  Improvements and patents, 

hundred other different projects, etc.

The Last his project was DC to 2 GHz Spectral Analyzer! With the main subject of activity as teaching students and practice as Dentist, He was also great in that.

Bojidar Lyubenov Todorov  (1942 – 1998)  L-Z-1-B-U

Behind these few words is staying whole one life, fulfilled with many, many love and gigantic working efforts.

The Radio Callsign LZ1BU is a familiar and valuable for many people doing related to the Radio Amateurs Activity.

I’m so proud you, Dear My Father! I would like to say ONE Enormous “THANKS, from whole my heart”!

Your son

By the Author.

  I remember many my father’s stories, but especially one, wires related from the 60s, that the enameled wire has been something like luxe.

  Thin wire (0.1 ~ 0.2 mm ) in diameter for Passive Detector Radio Winded Antenna has been “foundless”.

  Can you presuppose, where the young hobbyists could find the enameled thin area copper wire? You probably will never pick out the answer:

  The Wires is situated Into the defective second side of car or motorcycle high voltage ignition related transformer.

  There is another problem – The transformers was impregnated with the bitumen (asphalt, jews’ pitch). The organic solvent has been used. 

  Well, Today’s also wires related Topic need to start.

  In the last topic, we were talking about the electro-mechanical crimping.

  In our house, garage or our daily hobby routines are comfortable to use, not so expensive handy mechanical tools.

  We are selecting you the crimping related Information

  Related Videos:

VIDEO 1.  KNIPEX MultiStrip 10 Automatic Insulation Stripper (Art.-No. 12 42 195)

  IN VIDEO 1.  Is demonstrating the flat cable stripping. Can see the way of different insulation and conductor area thickness cable stripping. Quickly and precise work of self-adjusting stripping tool.

  Best Quality, Long life, durable design – all the best we can get from The KNIPEX Tools.

AMAZON.CO.UK Affiliate Link: Knipex Art.-No. 12 42 195 Multistrip 10

Spare Blades Block:

NEWEGG.COM Affiliate Link: Knipex 12-49-21 Spare blades block

  Next Successful cable stripper Mod. 11061 By Klein Tools is using the principle described in Video 2.
  It has two jaw pairs, one for pressuring the cable, second for cutting the necessary deep on two sides of the stripped cable, gently, non-impacting the conductive core.
  After the simple hand movement, the job is done.

VIDEO 2.  KLEIN Tools: How to Use The Automatic Wire Stripper & Cutter Model: 11061

  At 1.30 min. ~ 1.40 min. stripping single ended cable 

  This tool has one extra benefit, can be seen at 1.41 min. ~ 1.58 min.

  In the Practice often need to be created T forming electrically Junctions. The Klein tool can separate on about 10 mm distance to parts of the insulation at a random Wire point.

NEWEGG.COM Affiliate Link: Klein Tools 11061 Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper and Cutter, 10-20AWG

AMAZON.CO.UK Affiliate Link: Klein Tools 11061 Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper and Cutter, 10-20AWG

  Knipex ErgoStrip Cable stripping tool can be named – Universal

VIDEO 3.  Next Knipex ErgoStrip Cable stripping tool can be named – Universal

 This smartly developed hand tool with many pairs of perfectly sharpened blades, ensuring the set of operations related to Coaxial cable stripping procedures.

NEWEGG.COM Affiliate Link: Knipex 16-95-01-SB ErgoStrip Universal Dismantling Tool – Metric Wire Sizes

AMAZON.CO.UK Affiliate Link: Knipex 16-95-01-SB ErgoStrip Universal Dismantling Tool – Metric Wire Sizes

Jokari Original Cable Knife System 4-70mm:

VIDEO 4.  JOKARI – Kabelmessersystem 4-70 / JOKARI Cable Knife System 4-70 

 Using a few different interchangeable clamping plates, this tool is covering the range 4~70mm (0.16″~ 2,75″ inches).

AMAZON.CO.UK Affiliate Link:  / JOKARI Cable Knife System 4-70

KNIPEX 97 53 09  

Related Video:

VIDEO 5. Self-Adjusting Crimping Pliers for end sleeves with Frontal Access (97 53 09)

AMAZON.CO.UK Affiliate Link: KNIPEX 97 53 09 Multipurpose Self-Adjusting Crimping Pliers for end sleeves – Frontal Access

KNIPEX 97 53 04 

Related Video:

VIDEO 6.  Self-Adjusting Crimping Pliers for end sleeves with Lateral Access (97 53 04)

 Don’t Stop To Materialize Your Dreams, Dear Inventors!



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