eCrimp: Your Choice For The Automatic Cordless Crimping Tool By KNIPEX

  eCrimp: Your Choice For The Automatic Cordless Crimping Tool By KNIPEX

  Each electrician or manufacturing’s employee who has daily routines related to large amount crimping know how important the automation is.

  Let we see the cordless “Hercules”: Knipex eCrimp – Germany’s High-Quality Battery Powered Crimping Tool.

  On VIDEO 1. is demonstrated the power of this demanding tool. If you already have been spent a lot of money for Knipex Manual crimping tool, there is a good news – the compatibility.

  All Knipex’s Crimping Dies for crimping pliers are compatible/ interchangeable parts. 

VIDEO  1.  eCrimp By KNIPEX

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KNIPEX eCrimp – Key Features:

  • Approximate maximum pressing force between the jaws: 11 KN,
  • The Device with so optimized ergonomics easily accelerates the workflows,
  • Long Lasting Li-Ion Battery – 12 V,
  • Battery Parameters:  Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack – 12 V, 1.5 Ah, 18 Wh,
  • Battery Charge Time: approximately 30 minutes;
  • Color coded LEDs under the Push Button indicates the Battery charge level status.
  • Up to 170 crimping with 10 mm2 area copper cable and Plug-in connectors with single full battery charge
  • Guaranteed 25000 crimping between two service prophylactic time intervals,
  • LED working light for targeted illumination of the crimping area,
  • Special attachment point for fall prevention tethering,
  • Special Hex-Key integrated into eCrimp Body,
  • Sound Noise Levels – below 70 dBA, with 8 dB lower than the cordless hydraulic systems of competitors,

VIDEO – Content:

  At 48 sec. ~ 58 sec. from the beginning is showing a part of Crimping Dies Pairs variety.

  The KNIPEX Specialists are showing the effortless way for crimping different plug-in connectors.

  At 1.06 min. ~ 1.10 min. can see the way for mounting the Crimping Dies pair using one single included hex-switch.

   At 1.11 min. ~ 1.43 min. See the LED Light Function. Attaching a ferrule to 50 square millimeters copper cable. Attaching 10 mm2 in large Plug-in Connectors.

  At 2.47 min. ~ 3.0 min. Attaching low area wires to small plug-in connectors.

  At 3.05 min. ~ 3.20 min. Attaching 10 mm2 in large Plug-in Connector.

  At 3.47 min. ~ 3.52 min. Battery Level Information is shown in Main Push Button.

  At 3.53 min. ~ 4.03 min. CLi-12 will charge the Li-Ion Battery within 30 minutes.

 The Video is Continuing with eCrimp work noise levels are the service intervals.


The KNIPEX 97 49 04 Crimping Dies Example:

  • For non-insulated open plug-type connectors 2.8 + 4.8 mm

KNIPEX 97 49 04 Crimping dies

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  Before you do any crimping, the cables need to be stripped. Let we see a wonderful suggestion By KNIPEX

  In the picture below we have prepared and shown one awesome stripping tool.

KNIPEX 12 62 180 Automatic Cable Insulation Stripper 180 mm

KNIPEX 12 62 180 Cable Insulation Stripper – Key Features:

  • Automatic cable insulation adaptation – preventing from a damage the inner conductor, 
  • For current cable cross-sections and insulating materials
  • Suitable for single, multiple or fine stranded cables of 0.2 ~ 6 mm² with standard plastic unshielded insulation,
  • Narrow head design for usage in a limited space areas,
  • Adjustable length stopper in 1 mm steps: { 6 ~ 18 mm },
  • Built-in wire cutter for copper and aluminum wires – maximum 2.5 mm²,
  • Body Construction & Material: Fibreglass – reinforced, plastic,
  • The Blades:
    • Interchangeable Design,
    • Special tool steel & hardening.

 This compact, ultra comfortable handy tool at the profitable price can be used for all kinds plastic insulated cables: 0.2 to 6 mm2.

 {see in PIC. 3}


PIC. 3  KNIPEX 12 62 180 Cable Insulation Stripper 

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  If you are generating a Search in “Crimping tool” You will see the sea of similar products. But The KNIPEX suggestions are one of the best on the market.

Similar Products Related Video:

VIDEO 2.  KNIPEX 12 42 195 MultiStrip 10 Automatic Insulation Stripper

Don’t Stop To Reinvent Yourself, Dear Explorers!



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