How The Old FAT PlayStation 3 Console Can Prevent You Catching Flu?

  How the Old FAT PS3 Console with Yellow or Red Light of Failure can protect you from Catching Flu?

  The answer of such abstract question can be found in the text below.

  Let We suppose your Hardware Laboratory is situated into a nonheated room. You reside there few hours a day.

  In Cold winter months, there are necessary few hours to overcome the icy object’s temperature.

  The Human Body is a perfectly developed thermostat machine.

  If your body feels the cold from the cooled chair, this certainly leads to a huge discomfort, hands aren’t listening to the brain commands and search the heat source – it is unthinkable for a hobby.

  How are you soldering with your hands into pockets or in fat gloves? It will be an impossible or very difficult task!

Variant 1. 

  Never stop the heating process into a Hardware Laboratory’s working room!

  It songs a little bit dangerous and expensive.

Variant 2.

  The Body can be heated with active physical exercises. Like jogging,  the cross-trainer, these are again unacceptable activities.   

Variant 3.

  Actively Body Heating. We suppose many of people will stop on this variant.

  On the market, there are many proposals of Heated or even massaging chair’s seats.

  They can easily be attached to almost every type of chair.

  Active Heating – it means there is heating element into the chair’s seat, using the AC or DC current to produce its heat.

  From Safety arrangements it is preferred to use a low voltage heating system: DC 12V is the most common used automotive heated seat.  

Variant 4.

Hot Liquids – Tea, low-fat milk, Coffee, Cocoa Drink.

Perhaps you will agree with us and will opt the third and fourth option.


Here we list not-expensive market suggestions:

Heating Chair Seat:

PIC. 1  WEGAN Heating Chair Seat

WEGAN Heating Chair or Car Seat with Two power settings


PIC. 2  Gideon™ Heating Chair Seat

Gideon™ Heating Chair Seat Massage and Heating


POWER Input: 12 V DC /3 – 5 A  or 36 W ~ 60 W depending the model

  In this moment You probably guess in Our story PS3 Meaning.

  In this moment You probably guess in Our story PS3 Console Meaning.

  Let we see SONY PS3 Console – FAT Variant. This hardware in rare cases, unfortunately, disturbing the pleasant game is signaling with RSOD & YSOD for eventually ingredient failure or damage.

  In this case, many people will directly “teleporting” the defective hardware into the bin, to firm dealing with recycling equipment, or, on final place bring the lovely child toy in a near repair service.

  There are another Group of people, curious, what Sony’s engineers are inserted under the Enclosure cover and wanted to learn.

  They will unscrew all attaching screws and uncover console as quickly as possible to see the defective console hardware.

  Some HW freaks with applauses will realize how many useful “things” has into the FAT Playstation 3 console volume.

  Here’s how it begins trading on the used parts into a global network.

  More than 10 million consoles PS3 are sold, and if we suggest that only 5% of them are defecting after 5 years of service, the mathematical or statistical probability few people of our readers to have in their basements or ceilings unused PS3 Fat console is a real, even a small number.

  One of the things you see under the PS3 Cover – see the right side: there is a Blu-Ray Drive – the reliable part, who can be sold for 20$ –  25 $.

  The interesting Shielded Module, next to the Blu-Ray/DVD Drive is AC/DC Converter – The subject of today’s article.

  This is the Hardware part, that we intend to use in our relatively wide heating project.

  Massive AC/DC Converter With an ability to deliver 12V DC with max. Continuous Current: Please for attention: 23.5 Ampers.

  Yes! It doesn’t a joke.

  You have in your hands  285 Watt Power Supply – Model APS-231.

  APS-231 has a wide 100 – 240 VAC over-voltage Protected AC Input input and Current protected DC Output 12 V.

PIC. 3  PS3 FAT Power Supply Model APS-231 – View Inside

PIC. 4 The Upper, nearer to 5-pin connector Banana Female connector is Positive Terminal, Bottom is negative terminal of DC12V Output


PIC. 5  Here is shown the AC/DC Powering Device Model, Parameters and way of use shrinkable tubes for AC Line attachment.

PIC. 6 AC Line Input Powering Connector. 

The Module has three connectors:

  Two lateral placed Connectors:

 The First: 2 – pin Connector. It is Using For AC Line Input powering. Use supported type Socket’s female part or Soldering directly Two wire cord to Line & Neutral nodes of AC POWER Net. Use smart and enough quantity of insulating materials – Our favorite thermally shrinkable tubing. It helps the make looking professionally, at the same time more rugged and durable.

 The Second: 5 – pin Connector for The APS-231 Converter control. There are 5V/0.6A Output pin, Ground and few Control lines.

 The Third: 2 – pin Banana Type Female Connector is placed on the bottom: DC 12V/ Up to 23.5A output current.

Attention: The 1st and the 5th pin from 5-pin connector need to be shortened – to enable the AC/DC Power Source Output.

  You Have many possibilities to attach 12 V consumers on APS-231:  

  • LED Strip for Interior Lights,
  • Using 12V Soldering Iron,
  • USB 5V Powered Remote Speaker,
  • Other standard automotive 12V powered appliances,
  • DC 12V to USB Multiport Chargers – for Your Mobile Phones, Tablets, or other Smart Devices.

Note: When you intend to power continuously the defined value of a resistive load, you need to calculate parameters of the system based on the nominal / in many cases 30% below the maximum available power, namely – to make an engineering reserve.

  And Another Good News: When there is a problem into AC Powering NET, you can simply attach some kind of charged CAR Battery into your new 12 Volt Hardware Laboratory BUS.

  You Will have the Light, Heat, and Music, while you are Soldering!


Don’t Stop To Reinvent Yourself, Dear Hobby Enthusiasts, and Professionals! 



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