The Table Tennis, Electronics or How Are They Interconnecting?

 The Table Tennis, Electronics or How are they interconnecting?

  Between the sport and generally the hardware have many interconnections – the smartwatches logging whole your activities, through the Electronic Systems of measuring the time in competition or individual mode, e.g. to overcome boulder or speed wall climbing and last, but no a least – the intelligent counting systems.

  Today we will talk about The Tennis Tables, Some regular and High-End variants, ways to enrich theirs with improvements and accessories.

  The Table Tennis Game. This addicting and very attractive game is favorite in almost every adolescent, and not only.

  Although there are used all possible muscle of the body, the Cardio load is perfectly balanced.

  The comfort and fun while you are playing Tennis Table is also very important.

  If you are planning to equip your own sports room or hall, you could see the suggestions and funny improvements, listed below:

  Let we begin with Tennis tables:

  There are stable Indoor/ Hall mounted and portable Outdoor more lightweight variants.


Indoor variant:

Killerspin Revolution

  • Superb 22mm (MDF) Medium Density Fiberboard top plate, 
  • Futuristic High-End Design,
  • Ultimate Heavy steel frame construction, engineered for best performance,
  • The arched aluminum-plated base for guaranteed stability,
  • The playing surface has special, hard, ball mark-resistant anti-glare coating,
  • Killerspin Apex Net and Steel Post system.


Outdoor variant: 

JOOLA Outdoor

  Nice, Durable, and foldable Outdoor Table.

JOOLA Outdoor Table – Key Features:

  • All-weather table tennis table,
  • 6mm aluminum & plastic composite surface,
  • Powder coated metal construction.
  • Dimensions: 
    • Assembled: {108″  x  60″  x  30″} inches;
    • Stored: {62″  x  22″  x  67″} inches;
  • Weight: 166 pounds/ 75.3 kg.


  If you have already chosen the preferred tennis table variant, let we see a part of additional devices and accessories.

iPong Pro oscillating Table Tennis Training Robot: 

iPong Pro Table Tennis Training Robot Key Features:

  • Holds 100+ Table Tennis Balls,
  • Wired remote control with 4 rotation adjustable knobs:
    • Easily can adjust the power, frequency, spin, and oscillation
  • In a practice, the robot can generate infinite variations of backspin and topspin shots,
  • Shoots balls at an adjustable period  – 12 to 70 balls per minute,
  • Accept the oscillation challenge: Let’s see if you can keep up with spin and ball placement simultaneously,
  • Tilt stand option,
  • AC Line Adapter – included,
  • User’s Manual, 


iPong Carbon Fiber Table Tennis Ball Catch Net:


iPong  Catch Net – Key Features:

  • Table Tennis Ball Catch Net for Robot practice,
  • Valuable accessory for yourself training,
  • Additional side netting for maximum coverage and directs balls to the center of the net;
  • Slot for funneling balls, 
  • Carbon fiber frame, 
  • 100% polyester net, 
  • Dimensions: 66” x 18” x 28” (L x D x H)
  • Compatible with any standard table tennis table,


  Now, it comes the moment of truth:

  We present you the automated Table Tennis Game Scoring System: 

  STIGA SensorScore – Table Tennis Game Scoring System.

  Now, the electronic help the gamers playing without a referee.

  Of course, for a correction of points or situations, when there is a scrimmage, the scoring system has the wired remote controlling block, allowing easily to override the current scores, 

  STIGA SensorScore detects the nano-vibrations using a system of sensors.

  All Sensors and the score display with an Integrated net can be easily installed on every indoor table, which has up to the 1-inch thick upper plate.


PIC. 1  STIGA SensorScore System

STIGA SensorScore System – Key Features:

  • Intelligent, Fully automated Table Tennis Scoring System,
  • Vibrant 7-Segment LED Score Display with an integrated Net Sensor, 
  • Three hidden sensors – One Net Sensor and Two externally mounted on the bottom surface of the tables’ plates – for sure detecting the ball knocks nano vibrations.
  • The unit shows the current scores;
  • The unit announces when to change the Serves,
  • The only Fully Automated Table Tennis Scoring System,
  • Reasonable Price,

PIC. 2 Three knock sensors for complete Nano-vibrations Ball’s knock detecting. 

PIC. 3 Wired 6-button Remote control 

Don’t Stop To Reinvent Yourself, Dear Sports Enthusiasts!



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