Aspect Solar EnergyBar 225 or LiFePO4 Versus Li-Ion

 Aspect Solar EnergyBar 225 or LiFePO4 Versus Li-Ion 

 Today we will talk about the LiFePO4 Rechargeable Batteries, more specifically an objective their designation: Power Banks.

 Along with excellent parameters of conventional Li-Ion Batteries mainly used in such kind of devices, the LiFePO4 batteries exceed their benefits in any aspects.

 1.) The First and more valuable benefit of LiFePO4 versus Regular Li-Ion battery is the safety.

 When are charging a few serially connected batteries in a pack, the differences in their capacitance can cause a problem.

 In common case, when these differences are measured in a few percents between the different cells, normally used Passive BMS Circuitry can overcome and solve the complicated situation. When is reached Umax on one or more cells is started an individual process called “Balancing”.   It represents adding a low resistive load between positive and negative terminals of these cells, which provides “the stealing” to a little part of charging current. This activity ensures a lowering of the Ucell voltage, and after the amplitude is reached the lower limit of fluctuation protective hysteresis, the resistive load is returning again to a switching-off state.

Why are We pointing Safety?

Example: Li-Ionic Rechargeable Battery with Passive BMS. The worse case for those Li-Ion Pack is when one its cell is completely charged (100%) and there is Balancing group switched-On, but other cells, e.g. from any leakage have discharged state more than compensation ratio of BMS, e.g. 50%.

  The Control circuitry measuring the whole pack voltage and it seems low, which looks OK, The charging process continues. But, Is this right?

  Here is a very “thin moment”: The Fully charged cell has reached the Umax limit, and balancing group is Switched-On. After a little drop of cell voltage, while continuing the charging process, the cell voltage continues to increase its value, because the whole pack voltage, it isn’t reached the controlled value, depending discharged few cells.   The fully charged cell became overcharged and quickly start to increase its temperature. The battery pack has a thermal measuring element (NTC or thermistor), but in the described case, the overcharged and overheated cell element is not contacting the thermistor. There is a potential explosion danger… This bad scenery will never be possible when using LiFePO4 Batteries – they are explosion free.

 Professionally maiden BMS – Battery Management Systems are using Active balancing with multiple Inductive charging loads to ensure adequate balancing, “stealing all charging current and returning to boost input stage”, and functioning as shunt regulators, not allowing the cell overcharging.

 They are as right exactly developed for a large capacity LiFePO4 Batteries packs. 

 2.) The next Benefit is an ability to work at negative temperatures in Celsius.

  In TABLE Below can be seen the Technical Parameters of Real Member of this LiFePO4 “society”, in addition, powered with a Nanophosphate Technology.

 A123 System High Power Nanophosphate LiFePO4 Rechargeable Cell IEC/UN38.3 Passed

PIC. 1  A123 Systems High Power Nanophosphate LiFePO4 Rechargeable Cell

 A123 26650 LiFePO4 Battery Technical Parameters:

 Nominal Voltage   3.25V ± 0.05V Nominal, 3.2V Average
 Nominal Capacity   2500 mA/h (at 0.2C rate, 3.65 ±0.05 V cut-off)
 Cycle Performance   ≥1000 (100% of initial capacity at 10.0C discharge)
 Internal Resistance   ≤ 0.006 Ω or 6 mΩ
 Charging current
  • Standard Charging: 2.5A, C rate
  • Maximum Charging: 10.0A, 4C rate
  • Fast Charge 4C – 12 minutes to reach 80% of max Charge 
 Discharging current
  • Maximum Continuous Discharging: 50A, 20C rate
  • Maximum Impulse Discharging (< 10s): 120A, 48C 
 Temperature Range
  • Charge: 0°C to 60°C Ambient temperature
  • Discharge : -30 oC ~ 55 oC
  • Storage:  -40 oC ~ 60 oC
  Energy Density    108.10 Wh/kg
  Dimensions (DxH)   26mm(1.0″) x 65.15 mm(2.6″)
  Weight   2.9 oz  (76 grams)
  Certification   UL#MH45042

TABLE 1.  A123 System High Power Nanophosphate LiFePO4 Rechargeable Cell

You are probably met the worse habit of your phone’s Li-Ion Battery to lose all its capacity, dramatically quick, when the smartphone, staying in the outer pocket of your jacket in icy winter months reaches near zero degrees Celcius, not to mention lower values.  Similar “Fashion” is unknown in LiFePO4 Hardware Applications.

3.) Next Valuable benefit of LiFePO4 Batteries is their ultra quick charge ability. Just imagine: 12 Minutes Fast Charge will fill-up to 80 % your completely discharged LiFePO4 pack.

4.) Ultra Low Internal Resistance,

5.) Many years of On Shelf life,

6.) Ultimate Output Current Values and

7.) Stable horizontally load  curve between 5 %  &  95 % of Cell Capacity,

8.) Over 1000 Full charge/discharge cycles,

9.) A large variety of sizes and packages,

  That’s why, our wish is to inform you when you are planning to spend a lot of money for any truly professionally and smartly designed device, what to expect and what you get for the money.

  You need to take the newest technology benefits “at full throttle”.

  We Present you the Author’s choice Power Bank:

Aspect Solar EnergyBar 225 – 225 Wh Pure Powering Bank for your Smart devices of high-tech gadgets everywhere and every moment you want.

  What does the 225 Wh mean?

  225 Wh will bring you about 30 hours of charging your smartphone, 3-4 hours of charging your laptop or 10 hours to work with your LCD Monitor or use LED Backlighted LCD TV.

PIC. 2   Aspect Solar Sunsocket Energy Bar 225

Aspect Solar Sunsocket Energy Bar 225 – KEY Features:

  • 225 Wh Produced By Integrated LiFePO4 Batteries,
  • 12V Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Equal,
  • 115 or 230 VAC max 90 W Low Profile button sliding switch selectable,
  • Push button to start DC to AC Conversion,
  • 4 x USB Charging Slots, each can deliver Up to 2A max, can be used simultaneously, 
  • LCD Battery Level Indicator, 
  • Input Power: DC 15V/4A,
  • AC/DC 15V/4A Charger – Included.

Don’t Stop To Reinvent Yourself, Dear Explorers!



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