IR Thermometers and Cameras or How To Measure Temperature from Distance

 IR Thermometers and Cameras or How To Measure Temperature from Distance 

  IR Thermometers – These wonder gadgets measuring the surface temperature from the obvious distance.

  In many cases in practice, we need to know or measure the temperature on moving parts or exposed to high-voltage, or, other non-wished influences.

  Contactless measuring, independently of small error by measuring and more “weak” Technical Parameters is the only way and it is preferred.

 IR thermometers – the Principle of Work:

 The devices are using the portions from thermal radiation emitted from a surface of measured objects.

  Into a physics or different technical literature, the process is called “blackbody radiation”.

  At devices’ receiving side in common case is placed laser dot emitting diode or system of dual rotating rays, as the produced “beam” forms precisely circle surrounds the target area of measurement or simply pointing its virtual center.  

  Types: of infrared thermometers:

  We separate them, two main groups:

  Contact Measuring:  Using different thermosensitive devices: thermocouples, thermistors, or even normal silicon semiconductor Diode, using a predictive Pn-junction, negative thermal characteristic Uf / temperature: ~ -2mV/degree C or K.

  Contactless Measuring:

  The generally used distant measuring IR thermometers are the spot infrared thermometer also called IR pyrometer.

  They measure the temperature represented as area [S] seen from distance [D], determined as [D:S] Ratio. 

  We start today’s presented devices with a medical Contactless thermometer:

Babynow Non-Contact Clinical Grade Digital Thermometer – FDA Approved

PIC. 1  Babynow Super Quick Non-Contact Thermometer 

Babynow Non-Contact Thermometer – Key Features: 

  • FDA Approved,
  • Laser Technology,
  • High Accuracy: ±0.03 Degree,
  • Hygienic, non-contact measurement { 1 to 5cm } distance,
  • Ultra quick measurement time: T(m) = Only 1 / 50 of second = 20 msec.
  • Can scan the Skin temperature, many kinds of Objects – e.g. Baby Foods, and Ambient Temperature.

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Now, we continue with the next, already industry oriented professional member:

FLUKE 62 Max:


FLUKE 62 Max – Key Features:

  • Distance to Measuring Spot Ratio: 10:1,
  • Standard Temperature Range  {-30º C ~ 500º C / -22º F ~ 932º F },
  • Measurement Accuracy:  ± 1.5º C / ± 1.5º F,
  • Large Backlighted Display, 
  • IP54, 
  • 3 m Drop-Test Passed,


FLUKE 62 Max Plus

PIC. 3  FLUKE 62 Max Plus

FLUKE 62 Max Plus – Key Features:

  • Distance to Measuring Spot Ratio: 12:1,
  • Extended Temperature Range: {-30º C ~ 650º C / -22º F ~ 1202º F },
  • Measurement Accuracy: ± 1º C / ± 1º F,
  • Large Display with Backlight, 
  • Dual Rotating Lasers for High area pointing accuracy,
  • IP54,
  • 3 m Drop-Test Passed,


Industry Professional option: 

FLUKE 62 Max CAL  

  • It has the same technical parameters as FLUKE 62 Max with additional Professional made NIST Calibration and a NIST Certificate.

FLUKE 62 Max CAL – Professionally Calibrated and NIST CERTIFIED

FLUKE 568 – IR Thermometer

PIC. 4  FLUKE 568 – IR Thermometer

FLUKE 568 IR Thermometer – Key Features:

  • Two in one: IR thermometer with a thermocouple measuring option – both contact & contactless temperature measurement,
  • Using IR infrared sensor can be measured temperatures : { -40º C  ~ +800º C or -40º F ~ +1472º F },
  • Measures diapason of temperatures when using included K bead-type thermocouple is : { -40º C ~ +260º C or -40º F ~ +500º F },
  • Measurement Accuracy:  ± 1º C / ± 2º F,
  • Red Laser DOT for pinpointing exactly the area of measurement,
  • Distance to Measuring Spot Ratio:  50:1. It means 0.78-inch / 2cm IR measuring spot diameter from 3,3 ft/1m device distance,
  • Device can record into a non-volatile internal memory up to 99 different time-stamped data measurements,
  • Weight: 2.47 pounds.


R2020: REED Instruments Video Infrared Thermometer:

PIC. 5  REED Instruments R2020 IR Thermometer

REED Instruments R2020 – Key Features:

  • Can take Screen Shots and Capture Videos,
  • IR Method measures different temperatures in a range: { -50° C ~ 2200° C / -58° F ~ 3992° F },
  • Digital Adjustable Emissivity from {0.1 to 1} with 0.01 steps,
  • Distance to Measuring Spot Ratio:  50:1. It means 0.72-inch/1.82 cm IR measuring spot diameter from 3 ft/ 0.914 m device distance,
  • The Measured temperature is displaying with 4 Digits:  
    • Below 1000° = 0.1° C, 0.1° F  of Resolution,
    • Over 1000° = 1° C, 1° F  of Resolution,
  • On the pictures and videos are attaching the timestamps (date and time when the record was created).
  • Weight: 14.4 oz.

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